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. In recent appearances Kenzaburo made 24º at Vintage Challenge 32 and Sanitoeter made 2º at Vintage Challenge 32.

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The "Lurrus Saga" Vintage deck is a control/combo deck that focuses on using powerful disruptive elements like Force of Will, Flusterstorm, Pyroblast, and Spell Pierce to disrupt the opponent's game plan while setting up its own win conditions. The deck aims to create incremental advantage through cards like Urza's Saga, Wrenn and Six, and Lavinia, Azorius Renegade, while also generating card advantage through cards like Mishra's Bauble and Soul-Guide Lantern. The deck can win through various means, whether it's through the beatdown plan with Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, or using combos involving cards like Haywire Mite or Dress Down. Some good points of the deck include its ability to adapt to different matchups and disrupt the opponent's game plan effectively. It has access to powerful card draw and selection with Brainstorm and Mishra's Bauble, enabling it to find the right answers when needed. The deck can apply pressure early with fast mana from Moxen and efficient threats like Ragavan. However, some potential weaknesses of the deck include susceptibility to graveyard hate due to reliance on cards like Mishra's Bauble and Soul-Guide Lantern. It can struggle against decks with fast combo kills or heavy disruption. The deck's mana base, while powerful, can be vulnerable to cards like Wasteland and Strip Mine. Overall, "Lurrus Saga" is a versatile and powerful Vintage deck with the potential to disrupt opponents and win through various means, making it a challenging and rewarding deck to play.

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