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All its cards can be found bellow.


Starter 1999 is a set from Magic: the Gathering first spoiled at 1999-07-01 to be released at 1999-07-01. 173 is the total number of cards found in this set by now.

Spoilers from Starter 1999: 173 results found

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New combos with Starter 1999

Card with Free Sacrifice ability
Devout Monk
Enduring Renewal

2105 Eye Solid icon


Life and Limb

7467 Eye Solid icon


Nim Deathmantle
Ashnod's Altar
Dakmor Ghoul
Rot Hulk

1975 Eye Solid icon


Sundial of the Infinite
Conjurer's Closet
Last Chance
Ardent Elementalist

4837 Eye Solid icon