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Name Hour of Devastation Tokens
Code thou
Type token
Released 07/14/17
Total number of itens 16


In Magic: the Gathering's Hour of Devastation Tokens set, the story centers around the aftermath of the god Nicol Bolas's devastating return to the plane of Amonkhet. The desert world is left in chaos and destruction, with the promise of further devastation looming. The tokens in this set represent various creatures and spells that reflect this dark theme, such as zombies, sand warriors, and afflictions that spread like a plague. Mechanically, the tokens provide players with powerful ways to manipulate the battlefield and showcase the destructive power of Bolas's reign. The set offers a combination of strategic depth and thematic storytelling that immerses players in a world of turmoil and despair.

Spoilers from Hour of Devastation Tokens

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