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Scars of Mirrodin Tokens icon
Name Scars of Mirrodin Tokens
Code tsom
Type token
Released 10/01/10
Total number of itens 11


In the Scars of Mirrodin Tokens set from Magic: The Gathering, players are immersed in the world of Mirrodin, a plane that has been infected and transformed by the insidious power of the Phyrexians. The lore of the set revolves around the conflict between the Mirrans, the native inhabitants of Mirrodin, and the invading Phyrexians who seek to corrupt the plane. The mechanics of the set focus on the use of artifact tokens, representing the technological and metallic nature of Mirrodin, as well as the Phyrexian corruption spreading across the plane. Players can create and manipulate these tokens to gain advantages and outmaneuver their opponents in this high-stakes battle for control of Mirrodin.

Top 2 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Soldier Token 2 decks $ 0.04
2. Wolf Token 1 decks $ 0.13

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