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Name Alchemy: Ixalan
Code ylci
Type alchemy
Released 12/05/23
Total number of itens 30


In the Alchemy: Ixalan set from Magic: The Gathering, players are transported to the mysterious plane of Ixalan, a world filled with lush jungles, treacherous waters, and hidden treasures. The plane is home to rival factions of pirates, vampires, merfolk, and dinosaurs, all vying for power and control. The set introduces new alchemical techniques that players can harness to transmute their spells and creatures, allowing for unexpected strategies and powerful synergies. By mastering the elements of water, earth, fire, and air, players can combine cards in unique ways to outwit their opponents and claim victory in this thrilling and exotic setting.

Spoilers from Alchemy: Ixalan

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