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EDH: Top 10 Best White Card Draw Spells

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In this article, we'll show you the top 10 white cards to draw as many cards as you need in your Commander games!

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Are you building a deck with white Magic Symbol w and need more card draw?

In this article, we bring you the top 10 best white cards to draw as many cards as you need in your Commander games.

This is the first of a series of articles covering the top 10 best white card draw spells for each color, primarily with Commander in mind.

If you enjoy this type of article and would like to suggest a theme for our next ones, leave a comment down below! Our goal is to help players who haven't played a lot of MTG, or players that are exploring other colors, find the cards they need for their Commander decks!


Before we start, here's how we picked the cards in this article.

How Did We Pick These Cards?

There's a wide variety of instants, sorceries, and even cards that interact with a few specific mechanics that will help you get ahead in card advantage, the iconic concept Magic: The Gathering players constantly look for.

We understand this text will serve as a base for any experienced player who wants to check it out, but, particularly, our target audience is new players. That is, players that haven't played MTG for long, and want some help to build their decks efficiently.

As a result, for all of these "Top 10s", we'll prioritize cards that are more generic and/or don't depend on specific decks to work.

Example: Bennie Bracks, Zoologist is great as a card draw, but you need to create a token to do so, and not every deck creates tokens consistently. As a result, this creature is not on this list.

Additionally, we prioritized permanents, as they usually stay on the board for longer and will give you card advantage again and again until your opponent can (or want) to remove them.

With this in mind, let's see our top 10 best white card draw spells!

Top 10 Best White Card Draw Spells

10. Master of Ceremonies

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Master of Ceremonies features a really interesting mechanic in Magic: the Gathering: voting.

At your upkeep, this creature forces your opponents to choose between money, friends, and secrets. Each option gives a different buff for you and the opponent that had to choose.

Considering a standard casual table (4 players), you may get one out of three different buffs whenever it is your upkeep.

Master of Ceremonies only occupies our tenth place because, even though it is quite fun, it still depends on the other players. So, you won't always draw an extra 3 cards at the beginning of your upkeep with it.

9. Mangara, the Diplomat

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Mangara, the Diplomat is a legendary creature that seems interesting in the command zone of a Mono White deck.

Besides lifelink, Mangara has two effects that draw you more cards. And we all know that you should never ignore a commander that draws you extra cards.

We only rated Mangara this low in our list because it is difficult to control its ability.

Unlike Master of Ceremonies, which interacts with "voting", Mangara, the Diplomat first checks if your opponent is attacking you and/or planeswalkers you control with two or more creatures. If this is happening, you'll draw one card.

It also draws you cards if one of your opponents casts their second spell that turn, which is cool and quite strong, but also out of your control.

8. Archivist of Oghma

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This Halfling Cleric made many players crazy when he was released in the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate setlink outside website. If you don't know it, this set focused on Commander, and brought us fun cards like Minsc & Boo Timeless Heroes.


Archivist of Oghma was one of these cards. It has Flash and, when your opponent casts a tutor or a card that lets them look through their deck (maybe the ever-present Cultivate or the iconic Demonic Tutor), he'll give you one life and draw you a card.

This creature is critical early on in any match, and may get you significantly ahead in card advantage as your opponents play their own cards.

7. Rammas Echor, Ancient Shield

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Rammas Echor, Ancient Shield has something I really enjoy: it cares more about what you do rather than depending on your opponents' moves. When you cast your second spell each turn, this artifact will draw you one card and create a 0/3 token with Defender to protect your board.

As a bonus, in combat, creatures you control with Defender gain Exalted - and we all know that any buff is welcome.

In a deck with a low curve, it is quite easy to cast two spells per turn; with this card in play, you'll get an extra card and a creature on your board as you do so.

6. Wedding Ring

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This is easily one of the most beautiful and charming cards you can play.

Wedding Ring binds you and a target opponent in sickness and health: any time one of you draws a card, you'll both draw a card. When one of you gains life, you'll both gain that same amount of life.

This is one of those cards that significantly helps you through your games, but it does also help your opponent.

5. Halo Fountain

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Halo Fountain has many abilities and may guarantee you a victory, depending on your board. However, for this list, we want to focus on how many cards you can draw with its ability, which you can use when one of your opponents passes their turn to you. This will guarantee you another card and give you face-up creatures to attack or block.

4. Chivalric Alliance

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Another card that depends solely on your actions in the game is Chivalric Alliance! This enchantment draws you a card any time you attack with two or more creatures. With its second ability, you can use two mana and discard a card to create a 2/2 Knight token with vigilance.

This means, besides synergy with card draw, Chivalric Alliance also gives you creature tokens, and thus fills your board.

3. Smuggler's Share

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This is another card in this list from the Streets of New Capenna setlink outside website.

Smuggler's Share will give you much more than just cards, and that's what guaranteed it a spot in our top 3!

Its effects happen at the beginning of each end step, so they also work on your opponent's end steps.

First, Smuggler's Share checks if one of your opponents drew two or more cards that turn, and then lets you draw a card for each opponent that did so. Afterward, it creates Treasure tokens for each opponent who had two or more lands enter the battlefield under their control that turn. This is just a nightmare for Landfall decks, or just decks that use too much ramp.


2. Esper Sentinel

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One of the most famous cards in white, Esper Sentinel is an artifact creature that draws you an extra card when one of your opponents casts their first non-creature spell that turn. That is, unless that player pays mana equal to Esper's power to prevent this effect.

It is important to remember that this effect only happens after they play their first non-creature spell, as many players get confused. They end up asking, "will you pay?", even after their opponent cast a non-creature spell for the second time that turn.

As it is a creature, Esper Sentinel lets you alter its power and toughness with +1/+1 counters, enchantments, and artifacts. This will increase the "tax" your opponents will have to pay.

1. Trouble in Pairs

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If I had written this article a year ago, our first place would belong to Esper Sentinel. However, the Murders at Karlov Manor setlink outside website gave us this incredible enchantment, which in turn dethroned Esper Sentinel.

Besides practically disabling your opponent's extra turns, Trouble in Pairs draws you more cards when:

- one of your opponents attacks with two or more creatures;

- one of your opponents draws their second card each turn;

- one of your opponents casts their second spell each turn.

And these effects stack. This means, if your opponent attacks with two creatures, you'll draw a card. Then, if they draw their second card that turn, you'll also draw a card. Finally, if they cast their second spell that turn, you'll draw again.

It is incredibly difficult to imagine a scenario in which you play this card and get sad about it because it is so comprehensive. It works well against many different opponents.

Additionally, this enchantment deals emotional damage to your opponents when it enters the board, considering they'll have to read all of its text and get hit with more emotional damage after each line they read.

Final Words

This was our "Top 10 Best White Card Draw Spells"! I hope this article helps you upgrade your decks.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us in the comment section below!

We're always keeping an eye on our comment section, so don't hesitate to tell us your suggestions!

See you next time!