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Quiz: Which Magic: The Gathering color you are?

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Since it was created, the five colors were present in Magic: The Gathering to guide your gameplay. Find out which one suits you the best!

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From its foundations, the five colors were present in Magic: the Gathering to guide your gameplay. In addition, colors can also have a lot to do with its controller's personality and mannerisms!

The colors can also be combined and work together, taking advantage of their characteristics to form powerful decks.

With this quick Quiz, you'll find out which one suits you best (or which you admire the most).

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What would you rather do if your opponent casts a sweeper?

Counter it, of course!Correct symbol

I like my creatures in the graveyard, they can be useful there as well! Correct symbol

Protect my creatures by making them indestructible.Correct symbol

Play more creatures after the board is wiped out!Correct symbol

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To conquer someone, you:

I give my all, even if it costs my life! I'll make it work at any cost!Correct symbol

Everything happens naturally - there is a fate, and everything has its time.Correct symbol

As long as it's mutual, fine. Otherwise, it's unnecessary.Correct symbol

I read books and watch videos to understand how to conquer that person - I want to have as much chance as possible.Correct symbol

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With which race would you rather play at an RPG table?

Zombie, Mummy or VampireCorrect symbol

Angel, Cleric or SoldierCorrect symbol

Goblin, Giant or DragonCorrect symbol

Elf, Dinosaur or Wolf.Correct symbol

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What's your worst flaw?

Sometimes I'm selfish, thinking only of myself.Correct symbol

I act first and think later, sometimes hurting people. Correct symbol

I get lost in my thoughts, failing to take some initiatives.Correct symbol

I like everything straight, structured and planned. If not, I get outraged.Correct symbol

Among these, what's your favorite character among these.

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Poison IvyCorrect symbol

Answer image

SupermanCorrect symbol

Answer image

Harley QuinnCorrect symbol

Answer image

ThanosCorrect symbol

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Your friend goes to jail for a crime he committed, but it was necessary at that time. What do you do?

I accept and seek a lawyer. Laws exist to be obeyed.Correct symbol

What he did wasn't even that serious. I use my resources and contacts to pull strings and set him free.Correct symbol

I'll run to rescue him using brute force.Correct symbol

I devise a far-fetched rescue plan, with a lot of research.Correct symbol

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When someone who has hurt you in life asks for help with something, you...

Help out, but regret it a bit later on.Correct symbol

Just don't help, the person has never done anything for you.Correct symbol

Don't do anything and, if you can, gets in the way even more. Everyone gets what they deserve.Correct symbol

Tries to help as you two are from the same community.Correct symbol