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Quiz: Which Ixalan Group Best Suits You?

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Find out which Ixalan group best matches your personality with our new quiz. Who will be your companions in this adventure?

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We're back to Ixalan!

Before beginning your journey, it's important to know who are your allies and on which side of this plane's conflicts you are.

Are you a Brazen Coalition Magic Symbol u Magic Symbol b Magic Symbol r pirate? Maybe a brave Human from the Sun Empire Magic Symbol r Magic Symbol g Magic Symbol w? Are you part of the River Heralds Magic Symbol g Magic Symbol u nation? Or Legion of Dusk vampire colonizer Magic Symbol w Magic Symbol b?

Prepare your best hat and sunscreen, because we'll be facing the unknown searching for memorable adventures. In this quiz, let's play and find out which of Ixalan's four greatest groups fits you best!


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What do you consider essential to guide you in this journey?

A good compassCorrect symbol

My people's beliefsCorrect symbol

MotivationCorrect symbol

My own devotionCorrect symbol

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Pick a saying:

“Don’t make splashes. Make progress.”Correct symbol

“The true treasures of our world are found in the wild places, where Ixalli’s light shines brightest.”Correct symbol

“As the snake sheds its skin to be born anew, we cast off death to rise as servants of Aclazotz.”Correct symbol

“Better to let the sword go than to lose the arm with it.”Correct symbol

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During an adventure, it is important to:

Conquer and convert as many people and territories to my cause as possibleCorrect symbol

Always remember the main goalCorrect symbol

Connect with the nature of the placeCorrect symbol

Guarantee good spoils to sell them laterCorrect symbol

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Choose a mechanic:

Life GainCorrect symbol

CountersCorrect symbol

Token creationCorrect symbol

No mechanics, just aggressionCorrect symbol

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Which way to travel do you prefer?

Mounting DinosaursCorrect symbol

Swimming through the depthsCorrect symbol

A trusty shipCorrect symbol

Through a dark crackCorrect symbol

Choose a card:

Answer image

Zacama, Primal CalamityCorrect symbol

Answer image

Kumena, Tyrant of OrazcaCorrect symbol

Answer image

Amalia Benavides AguirreCorrect symbol

Answer image

Admiral Beckett BrassCorrect symbol

Now choose a land!

Answer image

Treasure CoveCorrect symbol

Answer image

Temple of AclazotzCorrect symbol

Answer image

Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunCorrect symbol

Answer image

Azcanta, the Sunken RuinCorrect symbol

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Which of these tribes do you prefer?

DinosaursCorrect symbol

VampiresCorrect symbol

PiratesCorrect symbol

MerfolkCorrect symbol

Which of these creatures do you find more interesting?

Answer image

Admiral Brass, UnsinkableCorrect symbol

Answer image

Hakbal of the Surging SoulCorrect symbol

Answer image

Pantlaza, Sun-FavoredCorrect symbol

Answer image

Clavileño, First of the BlessedCorrect symbol

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Finally, you would:

Defend your landCorrect symbol

Live freelyCorrect symbol

Take care of your people's legacyCorrect symbol

Conquer everything you wantedCorrect symbol