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Quiz: Which MTG format fits you best?

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Which format do I pick to play? Competitive? Casual? 60 cards? 100 cards? Do this quiz and find out which format fits you best!

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Uncertain about which format to play? Do this quiz and find out the ideal format for you!

What's your favorite planeswalker among the following?

Answer image

Narset, Parter of VeilsCorrect symbol

Answer image

Liliana of the VeilCorrect symbol

None of the options.Correct symbol

Answer image

Wrenn and SixCorrect symbol

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What's your budget to invest in Magic cards?

I can spend as sets are released and update my decks constantly.Correct symbol

I'm looking for cheaper options in the competitive scene, and I would like to not spend so much.Correct symbol

As long as I have fun, money isn't an issue.Correct symbol

I spend only what's necessary to complete my deck and only upgrade it when necessary.Correct symbol

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What's your preference regarding the complexity of the game's rules and mechanics?

I like to know enough to know what to do and how to deal with the cards I'll face eventually.Correct symbol

The weirder and funnier the mechanic, the better!Correct symbol

I prefer recent mechanics, because the old ones seem obsolete.Correct symbol

I don't care about that. As long as my deck fulfills its goal, that's okay for me.Correct symbol

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Choose a card.

Answer image

Thoughtseize.Correct symbol

Answer image

The Wandering Emperor.Correct symbol

Answer image

The One Ring.Correct symbol

Answer image

Blasphemous Act.Correct symbol

Choose a set.

Answer image

Ultimate Masters.Correct symbol

Answer image

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.Correct symbol

Answer image

Theros Beyond DeathCorrect symbol

Answer image

Phyrexia: All Will Be One.Correct symbol

Question image

Choose a flavor text.

"It harmonizes with the essence of its master."Correct symbol

"Some worlds possess a hidden core where life's essence constantly surges."Correct symbol

"Unfortunately, all my test animals have died or escaped, so I shall be the final subject. I feel no fear. This is a momentous night."Correct symbol

"You can even try."Correct symbol

What's your preference regarding decks' power curve?

I prefer certain cards to stay behind, so they can give space to new ones, regardless of their power level.Correct symbol

Following up the meta and playing according to how that dictates the rules is more my style.Correct symbol

The stronger, the better! Even if it takes time for me to build my game.Correct symbol

Decks which have the highlight and are strong in the format will always be my preference, after all, if they weren't strong, they wouldn't be there.Correct symbol

Choose a Token.

Answer image

Elemental.Correct symbol

Answer image

The Monarch.Correct symbol

Answer image

Phyrexian.Correct symbol

Answer image

Clue.Correct symbol

Where do you prefer to play?

In a competitive event, with prizes on the line.Correct symbol

On my computer through Magic Arena. It is easier and more practical.Correct symbol

In some store, competing in a small tournament.Correct symbol

At my casual "kitchen table" with my friends.Correct symbol

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Choose an ability.

Investigate.Correct symbol

Evoke.Correct symbol

Crew.Correct symbol

Convoke.Correct symbol