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Pauper: 5 Rogue Decks with Modern Horizons 3

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In today's article, I'll bring you 5 more Pauper lists with Modern Horizons 3. This time, we'll focus on strategies that don't really stand out like Affinity, but that still have a lot of potential.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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What is a Rogue Deck?

In Magic: The Gathering, the term "rogue" refers to not only a creature type, but also to unusual decks that are not like the other decks in the metagame. In Pauper, there are many decks we might consider rogue decks, but this definition may vary from player to player.

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One deck that was once tier 1, but, with time, became weaker and unpopular can be considered a rogue deck. A strategy with new cards but that no one saw its true value yet can also be a rogue deck.


Playing or building a rogue deck in MTG means swimming against the current and thinking outside the box. You'll have to place your bets on a path no one believes in or even knows that may reward you much more than if you just played an "obvious" deck.

With this in mind, in this article I'll bring you five lists with MH3, some 100% new and others not so much. They all have new interactions that may or may not stand out in the new Pauper metagame.

Five Pauper Rogue Decks with MH3

Dimir Faeries

Yes, I know, UB Faeries is a meta deck, but Mono Blue Faeries, just like its Izzet cousin, is each day more and more unpopular; nowadays, it is as popular as Elves or BW Ephemerate, which both have seen better days.

Now that we have Sneaky Snacker in this format, I believe the Faeries archetype might take on a new approach, and a strategy that is less midrange too. The Mono Blue base is perfect for that.

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This version can access black and, thus, also the best removals in the format. It also creates enough card advantage to get the most out of Sneakers, and deals with certain threats that were once a big problem for Mono Blue much better.

Its sideboard is also more flexible and can access Okiba-Gang Shinobi and Mukotai Ambusher. These two great Ninjas will give you a lot of value in certain matchups.

If you're facing a metagame full of Galvanic Blast and Lightning Bolt, and you're worried you'll lose too much life because of Snuff Out, it is a good idea to use Cast Down. It is as efficient as the other ones.


I've always dreamed of the day we'd see a competitive Eldrazi deck in Pauper. MH3 finally brought great cards for this archetype, so my dream is closer and closer each day.

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The idea behind this deck is to take as much advantage of your Titans as you can; that's why we'll use Urza's trio and its mana acceleration while we keep a Gruul base. Urza's lands create colorless mana you can use to pay for certain Eldrazi costs, so it's even more interesting.

Oliphaunt is incredibly efficient to fix your mana, just like Energy Refractor, and, even though it's not an Eldrazi, it is essential in this list. Unfathomable Truths is the Eldrazi Lorien Revealed: it draws you three cards and creates an Eldrazi Spawn token.

Horrific Assault and Fanged Flames are perfect removals for this archetype, as they hit practically any threat in Pauper.

Jeskai Energy

In my previous article with 5 Pauper decks with Modern Horizons 3link outside website, I talked about how we might see a Boros Energy list in this format. Today, I bring you Jeskai Energy, which I believe to be the best version of a Pauper energy deck.

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When I was testing the new set, I realized Galvanic Discharge and Tune the Narrative fit the Jeskai Ephemerate base really well, and, with Jolted Awake, can rewire this deck in an incredibly fun way. You can easily abuse energy counters and reanimate a Mulldrifter for just one mana with Jolted Awake, for instance.


The recursion in this deck is also the perfect combination for a Pauper energy deck.


Accursed Marauder was overlooked in the MH3 release because of how hyped Cranial Ram was, but now we can appreciate its value more clearly. This is a 2-mana Fleshbag Marauder that works much better, and its effect goes around creature tokens.

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Zombies may perform really well in a metagame in which creatures like Tolarian Terror or decks like Bogles are popular, and can also go around a Snuff Out.

In an Affinity metagame, particularly in which Krark-Clan Shaman is a variable, it might be difficult to make it work, but, in general, it is an excellent option if you want to play a fun, unusual deck.

Basking Glee Combo

I know I already mentioned Basking Broodscale many times before, but I'll never get tired of explaining how fun this card can be and the potential it has in Pauper. I've played Basking Glee Combo a lot in the past few days, hoping to find a build that was at least a little bit competitive. To be honest, I've even gotten some satisfactory results with the final version of this deck.

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Evolution Witness is essential in this list, considering it gives you more recursion and has some powerful synergies with other cards. I'll also highlight Nadier's Nightblade, which I took out Thoughtpicker Witch for, because Nadier will win you more games in Magic Online, and more easily too.

Khalni Garden is another important addition to this list because it makes it easier for us to use Deadly Dispute and creates a few extra blockers that are really helpful in aggro matchups.

Final Words

Modern Horizons 3 still has a lot to show in Pauper. On the next few weeks, we'll see this format transform and adapt to the new cards. Until then, we still have a lot to explore, new strategies to upgrade, and old friends to rebuild.

What do you think of these lists? Tell us your thoughts in our comment section below!

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!