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Quiz: Which Phyrexian Praetor would you be?

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Glory to Phyrexia! Which of the five dreaded Praetors would you be in New Phyrexia? Answer the quiz and find out!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The new set Phyrexia: All Will Be Onelink outside website is finally among us, and along with its release, we now have the full cycle of the new five Praetors.

To accompany the new expansion, we made this quiz to help you know which of the five Praetors you most resemble. Accept being compleated by taking this quiz!

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Which of these means of progression suits you the most?

We must always seek to evolve and adapt.Correct symbol

As long as rules are followed, there will be progress.Correct symbol

We must test and consider all of our options to find the proper answer.Correct symbol

We must always question ourselves and the others to find progress.Correct symbol

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Your opponent has removed something important from your field. What's your reaction?

It was obvious that they would, so I used it as bait to make something even better.Correct symbol

As long as it doesn't get in the way of my endgame, I shouldn't worry.Correct symbol

I will definitely make them regret it as I will do the same if not worse.Correct symbol

Keeping calm and analyzing the situation is the best option to come up with a plan.Correct symbol

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What is the best way to end a game?

With the good ol' beatdown!Correct symbol

Draining their life total slowly until there's nothing left!Correct symbol

By locking my opponents out of the game with a hand full of cards!Correct symbol

A powerful combo which grants me immediate victory!Correct symbol

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You're on a sinking ship. What do you do?

I tell everyone to stay calm and come up with a solution together.Correct symbol

I sneak into the nearest boat and call only those I know to go along.Correct symbol

I try to reach the boat before anyone else. First come, first served.Correct symbol

I look for a boat as soon as possible and leave alone. After all, I need to survive.Correct symbol

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Choose an ability

DeathtouchCorrect symbol

First StrikeCorrect symbol

FlyingCorrect symbol

VigilanceCorrect symbol

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Choose a superpower

InvincibilityCorrect symbol

ClonesCorrect symbol

InvisibilityCorrect symbol

Super StrengthCorrect symbol

What's your favorite card type?

Answer image

ArtifactCorrect symbol

Answer image

SorceryCorrect symbol

Answer image

CreatureCorrect symbol

Answer image

InstantCorrect symbol

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What's the best way to deal with ten or more creatures?

Destroy only the ones that pose a threat.Correct symbol

Playing stronger creaturesCorrect symbol

Destroying all creatures, yours included.Correct symbol

Deal with the most problematic ones while attempting to even the numbersCorrect symbol

Choose a creature type

Answer image

HumanCorrect symbol

Answer image

WarriorCorrect symbol

Answer image

ClericCorrect symbol

Answer image

ElfCorrect symbol