The Rivals Gaunglet and MPL Gauntlet's Metagame!

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The Rivals Gaunglet and MPL Gauntlet's Metagame!

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The event, whose start has been postponed to next Friday, will define the last four participants of the World Championship, which will take place in October!

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Between September 3-5, the MPL Gauntlet and Rivals Gauntlet events will take place, which will define the last four players to qualify for this year's World Championship, which will take place between October 8-10.

These events will be the last high-profile competitive events in the Standard format before the rotation, which will take with it sets that define the format today, such as Throne of Eldraine.

Have a look at the Metagame for each of the events below:

MPL Gauntlet

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Three of the four World Championship spots will be disputed on the MPL Gauntlet, and yet we see a pretty unexpected deck composition compared to the Metagame we've seen on Standard in recent weeks.

The most played deck of the event is Jeskai Mutate, a deck that became popular after the Strixhaven Championship, with almost 30% of the Metagame with 7 copies, a deck that has not shown any expressive results in Challenges and other events for some time, but which seems to have been the players' bet for the event.

Jeskai Mutate is not the simplest deck to pilot in the format, especially since it involves a five-card combination to make its infinite combo.

Next, we have as the most present decks Dimir Rogues, which had an increased presence in the Standard Metagame this week and Izzet Control, which emerged as a great metacall in a field that was mostly Aggro a few weeks ago.

Rivals Gauntlet

The final spot for the World Cup will be disputed at Rivals Gauntlet, which featured a closer Metagame to we've seen at Standard in recent weeks.

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Like we saw in the Standard Challenges last weeklink outside website, there is a significant growth in Sultai Ultimatum copies after weeks of being on the downside, which demonstrates the players' confidence that the deck now has the necessary elements to hold the main Aggro decks.

However, the differences observed in MPL Gauntlet are also present in Rivals, with Jeskai Mutate being the second most played deck, followed by Dimir Rogues and Izzet Control.

The games, which would start tomorrow, will be postponedlink outside website to Friday due to the stability issues that Magic Arena has been facing this week.

Source: Magic.gglink outside website

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