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- $ 0.34 0.03 tix
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About Buried Alive

Buried Alive, Sorcery, designed by Brian Horton first released in Jun, 1997 in the set Weatherlight and was printed exactly in 10 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Commander and Modern. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.34. It's a key card in 2 combos.

This card, Buried Alive, is particularly useful in decks that focus on graveyard strategies, such as reanimator decks or those that utilize cards with abilities that trigger from the graveyard. While it can be a powerful tool for setting up combos or fueling graveyard synergies, there are potentially better options like Entomb, which allows you to search for a single creature card and put it directly into your graveyard. Whether Buried Alive sees play ultimately depends on the specific strategy and synergy of the deck in question.

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You can look in your library and then choose to find any number from zero to three creatures after you look at it.

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80 uni.

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$ 0.69 Visit store
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