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- $ 3.54 0.16 tix
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Name Eldritch Evolution Edit card
Type Sorcery
Description As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature. Search your library for a creature card with mana value X or less, where X is 2 plus the sacrificed creature's mana value. Put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle. Exile EldritcSee more
Artist Wooden Cyclops
Set Secret Lair Drop #1414
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About Eldritch Evolution

Eldritch Evolution, Sorcery, designed by Jason Rainville first released in Jul, 2016 in the set Eldritch Moon Promos and was printed exactly in 6 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Modern and Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 3.54. It's a key card in 1 combos.

A deck that focuses on creature-based strategies, such as toolbox decks or decks with powerful creatures at different mana values, would benefit from including Eldritch Evolution. While there are other similar cards like Birthing Pod that offer more flexibility, Eldritch Evolution can still be a strong inclusion in certain decks due to its efficiency in tutoring for specific creatures and putting them directly onto the battlefield. Its ability to provide a quick and powerful creature advantage can make it a viable option in the right deck archetype.

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A creature’s converted mana cost is determined solely by the mana symbols printed in its upper right corner (unless that creature is the back face of a double-faced card, a melded card, or is copying something else; see below). If the mana cost includes , X is considered to be 0. If it’s a single-faced card with no mana symbols in its upper right corner (because it’s an animated land, for example), its converted mana cost is 0. Ignore any alternative costs or additional costs (such as kicker) paid when the creature was cast.


Sacrificing a creature is part of Eldritch Evolution’s cost. You can’t sacrifice more creatures to search for more creature cards, and you can’t cast Eldritch Evolution at all if you control no creatures.


The converted mana cost of a permanent that’s a double-faced card with its back face up is the converted mana cost of its front face. The converted mana cost of a melded permanent is the sum of the converted mana costs of its front faces. A creature that’s a copy of either has a converted mana cost of 0.

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