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- $ 1.83 0.26 tix
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Name Indomitable Creativity Edit card
Type Sorcery
Description Destroy X target artifacts and/or creatures. For each permanent destroyed this way, its controller reveals cards from the top of their library until an artifact or creature card is revealed and exiles that card. Those players put the exiled cards ontSee more
Artist Tyler Crook
Set Breaking News #25
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About Indomitable Creativity

Indomitable Creativity, Sorcery, designed by Deruchenko Alexander first released in Jan, 2017 in the set Aether Revolt Promos and was printed exactly in 6 different ways. It see play in 3 formats: Modern, Pioneer and Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 1.83.

A deck that focuses on aggressive strategies and aims to quickly overwhelm the opponent with creatures and artifacts would benefit from including Indomitable Creativity. However, there are better options available such as Cataclysm or Obliterate which offer similar effects but with a more devastating impact on the board. While Indomitable Creativity can be situationally powerful, its high mana cost and randomness may limit its effectiveness in competitive play compared to other more reliable board wipe options.

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All of the exiled cards are put onto the battlefield at the same time.


If a player controls no permanents destroyed this way, that player reveals no cards from their library and doesn’t shuffle it.


While revealing cards, a player stops as soon as they reveal a card that’s an artifact or a creature (or both). That player doesn’t choose one type.

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