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Name Invert Polarity Edit card
Type Instant
Description Choose target spell, then flip a coin. If you win the flip, gain control of that spell and you may choose new targets for it. If you lose the flip, counter that spell.
Flavor "Skreeg! I thought I told you to stop messing with... Oh, that worked. Good job, Skreeg." —Ral Zarek
Artist Leonardo Santanna
Set Modern Horizons 3 #190
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About Invert Polarity

Invert Polarity, Instant, designed by Leonardo Santanna first released in May, 2024 in the set Modern Horizons 3.

This card, Invert Polarity, would be a valuable addition to a control deck in Magic: the Gathering, particularly one with a focus on countering and redirecting opponent spells. While it offers a high-risk, high-reward scenario with the coin flip mechanic, it can potentially swing the game in your favor by either countering a threatening spell or taking control of it. However, in a competitive setting, more consistent alternatives like Counterspell or Spell Pierce may be preferred due to their reliability and lower mana cost, making Invert Polarity more of a niche card for specific strategies rather than a staple in most decks.

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