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Name Scoured Barrens Edit card
Type Land
Description Scoured Barrens enters the battlefield tapped. When Scoured Barrens enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life. Icons of mtg: Add Icons of mtg or Icons of mtg.
Flavor At length they came to Weathertop; and it was then drawing towards evening and the shadow of the hill lay dark on the road.
Artist Samuele Bandini
Set Tales of Middle-earth Commander #329
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About Scoured Barrens

Scoured Barrens, Land, designed by Eytan Zana first released in May, 2020 in the set Khans of Tarkir and was printed exactly in 17 different ways. It see play in 3 formats: Pauper, Commander and Alchemy. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.08.

A deck that focuses on gaining life and mana fixing, such as a control or midrange deck, would benefit from using Scoured Barrens. While there are better dual lands available, such as Shock Lands or Fetch Lands, Scoured Barrens can still be a solid inclusion in budget decks or decks that specifically need the life gain. Its ability to provide both white and black mana can be useful in multicolor decks, making it a decent option for players looking to improve their mana base without breaking the bank.

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