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Double Masters Tokens icon
Name Double Masters Tokens
Code t2xm
Type token
Released 08/07/20
Total number of itens 1038


In Magic: the Gathering's Double Masters Tokens set, players can experience a unique and exciting twist on token mechanics. Tokens are powerful creature or artifact representations that players can generate during gameplay. The lore of the set revolves around the concept of doubling the impact and effectiveness of these tokens, creating a dynamic and strategic play experience. From generating extra tokens to enhancing their abilities, players will find plenty of opportunities to craft clever and devastating strategies using these doubled-up tokens in their decks. The set adds a new layer of complexity and depth to the game, inviting players to explore creative ways to leverage the power of tokens in their matches.

Top 10 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Misty Rainforest 1307 decks $ 58.06
2. Sol Ring 1164 decks $ 3.01
3. Scalding Tarn 1119 decks $ 18.85
4. Bojuka Bog 958 decks $ 2.68
5. Verdant Catacombs 818 decks $ 15.04
6. Pyroblast 742 decks $ 6.06
7. Command Tower 686 decks $ 0.64
8. Marsh Flats 681 decks $ 13.66
9. Arcane Signet 637 decks $ 2.68
10. Murmuring Mystic 508 decks $ 0.27

Spoilers from Double Masters Tokens

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