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About Show and Tell

Show and Tell, Sorcery, designed by Jeff Laubenstein first released in Oct, 1998 in the set Urza's Saga and was printed exactly in 5 different ways. It see play in 3 formats: Legacy, Commander and Vintage. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 15.07. It's a key card in 1 combos.

A deck that focuses on cheating out powerful permanents early in the game, such as reanimator or ramp strategies, would benefit from using Show and Tell. However, there are better cards like Sneak Attack or Through the Breach that provide more control over what gets put onto the battlefield. Show and Tell can still see play in certain decks that can take advantage of its effect, but it may not be as efficient or reliable as other options available.

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The current player chooses first, then each other player chooses in turn order. A player does not have to reveal the chosen card, so long as it is clear *which* card was chosen. After all choices are made, the cards are put onto the battlefield simultaneously.


If the cards being put onto the battlefield also require choices, those choices are made after all players choose their card. The active player makes choices for their card (if any), then the other players (if any) in turn order.

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36 uni.

$ 15.07 Visit store
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1 uni.

$ 15.07 Visit store
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32 uni.

$ 15.53 Visit store
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