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Name Bloomburrow
Code blb
Type expansion
Released 08/02/24
Total number of items 15


In the world of Bloomburrow, a once peaceful realm now finds itself overrun by sinister forces seeking to corrupt its vibrant nature. The inhabitants, a diverse array of creatures ranging from graceful elves to fierce beasts, must unite in a desperate bid to restore balance and drive out the encroaching darkness. As players delve into the set, they will discover new mechanics like Harmony that reward cooperation between different creature types, while also facing challenges such as Blights that threaten to spread and consume the land. Through strategic card combinations and skillful gameplay, adventurers can help Bloomburrow reclaim its lost splendor and thwart the plans of those who would see it fall.

Top 4 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Lumra, Bellow of the Woods 5 decks $ 6.02
2. Oakhollow Village 2 decks $ 0.49
3. Carrot Cake 2 decks $ 0.35
4. Lupinflower Village 1 decks $ 0.49

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