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Modern Horizons 3 Commander icon
Name Modern Horizons 3 Commander
Code m3c
Type commander
Released 06/07/24
Total number of itens 11


In the world of Modern Horizons 3 Commander, a plane filled with powerful beings and mystical energies, where legendary creatures and fearsome spells collide to create epic battles. Players take on the role of powerful commanders leading their armies into fierce combat. The set introduces new mechanics like Partner with and Encore, allowing players to combine forces and bring creatures back from the grave to turn the tide of the game. As players build their decks with unique strategies and iconic characters, they embark on a journey to conquer their foes and emerge victorious in this fast-paced and dynamic multiplayer format.

Top 6 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Archon of Cruelty 342 decks $ 11.99
2. Apex Devastator 17 decks $ 23.86
3. Oblivion Sower 12 decks $ 0.24
4. Crib Swap 6 decks $ 0.17
5. Final Act 1 decks $ 18.39
6. Siege-Gang Lieutenant 1 decks $ 0.00

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