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Year of the Dragon 2024 icon
Name Year of the Dragon 2024
Code pl24
Type promo
Released 02/08/24
Total number of itens 7


In the Year of the Dragon 2024 set of Magic: The Gathering, players are immersed in a world where dragons reign supreme. The lore of the set revolves around the return of powerful dragons who possess immense magical abilities and seek to establish dominance over the other inhabitants of the realm. Players can expect to encounter breathtaking artwork depicting majestic dragons engaged in epic battles, as well as new mechanics that emphasize the sheer raw power and fiery nature of these legendary creatures. Mechanics such as Dragon's Fury and Draconic Roar will challenge players to harness the immense power of dragons while navigating the treacherous landscape of the dragon-infested world. Get ready to soar to new heights and experience the thrill of facing off against these awe-inspiring creatures in Year of the Dragon 2024!

Top 6 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Dragon Tempest 23 decks $ 5.36
2. Steel Hellkite 21 decks $ 0.13
3. Dragonlord's Servant 19 decks $ 0.79
4. Korvold, Fae-Cursed King 6 decks $ 15.99
5. Sarkhan Unbroken 4 decks $ 16.67
6. Dragon Token 1 decks $ 0.18

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