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This is a subset from Wilds of Eldraine.

This year, return to a land of fairy tales, knights and witches with Wilds of Eldraine. A plane shrouded in mystery and fantasy, Eldraine still has much to discover! Eldraine is a plane inspired by fairy tales where the eccentricity of a good story reigns, but with a special magical twist. This time we venture beyond the scenic castles and into the wild lands, a place populated by fairies, giants and more. The Wilds of Eldraine will also be your first visit to the Multiverse since the Phyrexian invasion. Though our heroes managed to thwart Elesh Norn's plans, the consequences of those events are everywhere around here. You'll meet old friends (and enemies), explore new corners of Eldraine, and discover how the Multiverse is recovering from the Invasion. With Wilds of Eldraine, we wanted to do something extra special to excite players and show off this wonderful plane. In every booster of Wilds of Eldraine, you'll find one of the Enchanting Tales cards, a non-Standard legal bonus sheet like The Brothers' War's Retro Artifacts or Strixhaven: School of Mages's Mystical Archive. Want an example of what you can find? How about Smothering Tithe?

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