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EDH: Top 10 Best Green Card Draw

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Check out our top 10 best green card draw spells in Commander!

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Are you looking for green Magic Symbol g card draw? If so, you found the right article!

In this article, you'll find the top 10 best green spells for card draw, particularly for your Commander decks.

This is the fourth article of a series of articles with the best card draw spells for each color. We chose them specifically for Commander decks. Click herelink outside website to check out the article covering white card draw!

Our goal with this special series is to help players who like exploring the game, but don't have much time to research cards, or just players that haven't played Commander for long.


Before we start, here's how we picked the cards in this article.

How Did We Pick These Cards?

There's a wide variety of instants, sorceries, and even cards that interact with a few specific mechanics that will help you get ahead in card advantage, the iconic concept Magic: The Gathering players constantly look for.

We understand this text will serve as a base for any experienced player who wants to check it out, but, particularly, our target audience is new players. That is, players that haven't played MTG for long, and want some help to build their decks efficiently.

As a result, for all of these "Top 10s", we'll prioritize cards that are more generic and/or don't depend on specific decks to work.

Example: Regal Force is incredible to draw cards, but it depends on how many green creatures you control when it goes into play. Of course, this Elemental is cool in combat too, but its effect only happens once if you don't target it with a Blink spell.

Additionally, we prioritized permanents, as they usually stay on the board for longer and will give you card advantage again and again until your opponent can (or wants) to remove them.

You'll also find some instants and sorceries on this list because they tend to draw many cards at once, which makes up for the fact we'll only use them "once".

With this in mind, let's see our top 10 best colorless card draw spells!

Top 10 Best Green Card Draw

10. Momentous Fall

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If you're going to lose a creature, at least make it memorable!

Momentous Fall draws you cards equal to the power of the creature you sacrificed, and, as a bonus, you'll gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

As this is an instant spell, you can use it as an answer to some enemy spell that is killing your creature, or even as you pass. After all, if you're going to lose a creature anyway, at least gain something from it!

9. Elder Gargaroth

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Elder Gargaroth has many interesting keywords for any green deck, but it earned its spot on our list because it draws a card any time it attacks or blocks.

Besides this option, you can also create a 3/3 Beast token, or gain 3 life.

Your opponents won't like a 6/6 with Vigilance, Reach, and Trample on the board that draws you cards. Not one bit.

8. Elemental Bond

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Elemental Bond is a cool enchantment for decks with many creatures: any time a creature with 3 or more power enters the board under your control, you'll draw a card.

This effect works when you create tokens, use Blink effects on creatures, or even Reanimates and brings them from the graveyard to the board.

It also isn't too expensive for what it does, and it has a lot of potential. It all depends on the deck you play it in.

7. Rishkar's Expertise

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Rishkar's Expertise has a lot of potential, particularly in decks with bigger creatures. To work, this card won't ask you to sacrifice a creature; it'll just check the biggest creature on your board and draw you cards according to its power.


Then, you can also cast a spell that costs 5 or less from your hand for no cost. As this spell costs six mana in total, it's like playing two spells for the price of one.

6. Last March of the Ents

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An uncounterable spell is already quite attractive. However, the fact it draws cards equal to the greatest toughness among creatures you control, and then lets you put on the board any number of creatures from your hand, makes it more than just "attractive".

This is Last March of the Ents, a fascinating card that only occupies our 6th spot because of how much it costs.

5. Greater Good

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Greater Good is an enchantment that sacrifices a creature and draws you cards according to the power of the creature you sacrificed. Then, you'll have to discard three cards in exchange.

Worst-case scenario, this enchantment will cycle your hand.

Greater Good is incredibly interesting for Golgari Magic Symbol g Magic Symbol b decks because they're known for benefitting from free sacrifice sources like this one.

4. Toski, Bearer of Secrets

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Toski, Bearer of Secrets is an indestructible, uncounterable creature. With it in play, when a creature you control deals damage to a player, you'll draw a card.

Most opponent dread the time Toski enters play. After all, it is indestructible, draws you cards, and attacks any time it can.

It is a headache for your opponents, but a wonderful card for your deck.

3. Sylvan Library

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With this enchantment on the board, at the beginning of your draw step, you may draw two extra cards. If you do, you'll have to choose if you want to keep these cards in your hand and pay 4 life for each one of them, or just put them at the top of your deck.

Worst-case scenario, you'll have "scried" and set up your plays for that turn and the next.

2. Beast Whisperer

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Beast Whisperer is a very welcome Elf in decks that play many creatures.

Unlike other cards in this list, this creature will draw you cards any time you cast a creature spell, regardless of their power or toughness.

It is an interesting creature that will make sure your hand is always full.

1. Guardian Project

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Finally, our best green card draw!

In Commander, you can only play one copy of each card in your decks (except for those whose text say otherwise, like Shadowborn Apostle and basic lands).

It is precisely this rule, the essence of this format, that makes Guardian Project our best green card draw!

This enchantment checks if nontoken creatures that enter your board have the same name as any other creature you control or in your graveyard. If their name is unique, you'll draw a card.

So, this card works well in a great variety of decks with different strategies because Guardian Project only checks if there are no creatures on the board like the one that just entered the board.

Final Words

As you must have realized, green card draw spells are incredibly consistent and explosive, which is quite fun.


This was our top 10 best green card draw! We hope you found a card to upgrade your deck.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us your thoughts in our comment section below!

Remember to share this article with your friends, particularly those who have just begun playing Commander and need more cards for their decks.

See you next time!