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Quiz: Which Ravnica Guild suits you best?

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Which Ravnica guild will suit you best? Come find out with our new quiz!

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The City of Ravnica is such an important civic center that its name has become synonymous with the entire plane.

To keep order in such a remarkable place, the city has ten guilds and each one masters its of the five colors of mana, giving an entirely new meaning to them and creating a culture around it.

Check out the lands that represent the guilds below:

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Which of these guilds suits you the most? Let's find out!

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Which of these ideas appeals to you the most?

We will protect the peace, even if the use of violence is necessary.Correct symbol

Living in harmony with others and natureCorrect symbol

Every action is noble if it increases my knowledgeCorrect symbol

Death is an opportunity for a new beginning.Correct symbol

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Choose a phrase:

"It's no use trying to hide something from me, I'll always find out"Correct symbol

"Lucky for you I don't understand, because if I did, we'd be in trouble"Correct symbol

“Power and wealth are not so different from each other”Correct symbol

“Rules must be followed and I am here to make sure they are”Correct symbol

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Let's have a party. Your guests will likely:

Have so much fun that someone will probably get hurtCorrect symbol

Resolve any conflict with whatever tactic is necessaryCorrect symbol

Maybe they won't show up, after all, they need to invest time in their research on nature.Correct symbol

Observe the behavior of other people at the party and treat it as a “social experiment”Correct symbol

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Your deck can't miss:

TokensCorrect symbol

DamageCorrect symbol

SacrificeCorrect symbol

Stealing permanentsCorrect symbol

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True strength can be found:

In physical combat. The strongest always surviveCorrect symbol

In chaos. Actually, anything can be found in chaosCorrect symbol

With intelligence. The most prepared has the most powerCorrect symbol

In transformation. We must take care of what we have and improve as much as possible.Correct symbol

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A creature in your field has died. What do you do?

I keep calm, it'll be back soonCorrect symbol

The loss will not be in vain, I take the opportunity to make tokens.Correct symbol

It wasn't mine, I got it from a friendCorrect symbol

Revenge time! If I lost a creature, my opponent will also lose something.Correct symbol

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What do you prefer?

Having plenty of creaturesCorrect symbol

Having huge creaturesCorrect symbol

Having tons of Instants and SorceriesCorrect symbol

Having tools to control the gameCorrect symbol

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A murder has taken place. What next?

Funeral expenses will be absurd.Correct symbol

I will do justice for the victim, but I will follow my rulesCorrect symbol

I'll find out who did this and maybe blackmail themCorrect symbol

This has nothing to do with me, I'll just move onCorrect symbol

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QuantityCorrect symbol

CreativityCorrect symbol

VersatilityCorrect symbol

WealthCorrect symbol

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How to resolve an argument?

With our fistsCorrect symbol

Convincing the other side that they are wrongCorrect symbol

With dialogues and possible threatsCorrect symbol

Remembering that without your support, the other side is disadvantagedCorrect symbol