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Quiz: Would You Be a Good Detective in Ravnica?

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Let's play detective? Fill out our quiz and find out if you'd be a good detective in Ravnica!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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We got to know more about a detective's routine in one of the most important cities in the Multiverse in Murders at Karlov Manor - and, if you didn't hear anything about it, take this opportunity to check out our article about the Murders at Karlov Manor Lore!link outside website

In this quiz, you'll be able to test out your knowledge and deductive skills to find out if you'd be a good detective in Ravnica, solving murder cases and arresting escaped gods.


Let's test out your skills!

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Before going investigating, you:

Let everyone know where you're going. Wait, was that a secret?Correct symbol

Have a break for snacks.Correct symbol

Check if you have the materials you need to collect evidence.Correct symbol

Check out the news in the town's newspaper.Correct symbol

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In the search for a suspect in a crowded place, you:

Check out all the surrounding details, such as people's clothing.Correct symbol

Check out the place itself.Correct symbol

Watch people's expressions.Correct symbol

Observe your colleagues working.Correct symbol

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If a suspect escapes, you:

Wait until Boros Legionnaires start their chase.Correct symbol

Help the suspect escape.Correct symbol

Check out the suspect's athletic skills.Correct symbol

Take part in the chase.Correct symbol

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Every detective knows that "murders committed by victims of brainwashing are...":

Rare.Correct symbol

Urban legends.Correct symbol

Common.Correct symbol

An excuse used by suspects.Correct symbol

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You found some weird dust at the scene of the crime. What do you do?

Smell it.Correct symbol

Use it as a spice for your lunch.Correct symbol

Lick it.Correct symbol

Save it in a proper container to analyze later.Correct symbol

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The best clues are:

In the victim's pockets.Correct symbol

At the scene of the crime.Correct symbol

In a dark alley.Correct symbol

Depending on the victim, all options above.Correct symbol

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Think fast! One of your partners is being kidnapped, you must:

Interfere immediately.Correct symbol

Let the Boros Legion know.Correct symbol

Follow them quietly.Correct symbol

Trust your partner's skills to deal with the situation.Correct symbol

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What is the best place to reveal the killer?

In a controlled environment, such as the Agency headquarters.Correct symbol

In an environment the killer feels safe.Correct symbol

At the scene of the crime, to mess with their emotions.Correct symbol

In the middle of a big event, such as a party.Correct symbol

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In an investigation, it is important:

Retrace the victim's last steps.Correct symbol

Check the scene one more time.Correct symbol

Question the spirits at the scene of the crime.Correct symbol

All options above.Correct symbol

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Lastly, what can't be missing in a good case?

An exciting murder.Correct symbol

A crazy reveal.Correct symbol

A trustworthy partner.Correct symbol

A famous victim.Correct symbol