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Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings (LOTR) precon deck suits you?

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Which Lord of the Rings precon deck suits you the most? Take our quiz and find out!

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Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth is a Magic: the Gathering partnership that stirs the hearts of fans.

Among the many products that mark this collection, there is a type that is loved by Commander players, especially beginners. We're talking about precon decks, each with its own unique mechanics. The idea is that you can buy it, take it out of the box and have fun playing with your friends!

Want to find out which of the four precon Lord of the Rings decks you're most like? So have fun answering this quiz. Good luck!


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What do you consider most important for a Commander deck?

Have good cards to reanimateCorrect symbol

Lots of creatures to pressure opponentsCorrect symbol

Good synergy between commander and deckCorrect symbol

Have space for cards that bring advantage in possible bargainsCorrect symbol

Choose a token:

Answer image

FoodCorrect symbol

Answer image

MonarchCorrect symbol

Answer image

Elf WarriorCorrect symbol

Answer image

Orc ArmyCorrect symbol

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For you, the ideal date should have:

A lunch breakCorrect symbol

A relaxed time to talk about friendsCorrect symbol

A quiet walk to admire natureCorrect symbol

A moment to boast about some past historyCorrect symbol

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Choose a new print:

Answer image

Aragorn, King of GondorCorrect symbol

Answer image

Galadhrim AmbushCorrect symbol

Answer image

Assemble the EntmootCorrect symbol

Answer image

In the Darkness Bind ThemCorrect symbol

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For you, it is more important:

Having a resilient deck that recovers easily from boardwipe and removalsCorrect symbol

Have a deck that works with a synergistic tribeCorrect symbol

Having a deck that can take a while, but when it runs, the game endsCorrect symbol

Having a deck with different mechanicsCorrect symbol

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What was your reaction when you heard about this collection?

Curiosity to see the evils and the power level of the cardsCorrect symbol

I followed to know the mechanicsCorrect symbol

I went out buying everything and my "fan" side dominatedCorrect symbol

I planned several decks before I saw all the cardsCorrect symbol

Choose a reprint:

Answer image

Tireless ProvisionerCorrect symbol

Answer image

LanguishCorrect symbol

Answer image

Heroic InterventionCorrect symbol

Answer image

Shared AnimosityCorrect symbol

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For you, tokens should:

Be generated easily and in large quantitiesCorrect symbol

Be big and scary for my opponentsCorrect symbol

Be useful to recover health and help in other interactionsCorrect symbol

Be a consequence of my playsCorrect symbol

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Your opponent is the Monarch. And now?

It won't be for longCorrect symbol

There can only be one Monarch here. The crown will be mine!Correct symbol

It's a good opportunity to negotiate something that gives me an advantageCorrect symbol

Indifferent, I'm the one who will take this gameCorrect symbol

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The moment has arrived: The Ring of truth is with you! And now?

I will gather the closest friends and lead them.Correct symbol

I want a break to prepare the snacks I'm going to take on the journey.Correct symbol

This is an important moment and I need wise advice.Correct symbol

BOW BEFORE ME, FOOL MORTALS! (evil laughter sounds)Correct symbol