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30th Anniversary Proxy Cards Are Costing More Than The Real Ones

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Can you imagine buying Magic proxy cards and they cost more than the real ones? This is happening with the 30th Anniversary Set of Magic

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The set Magic's 30th anniversarylink outside website promised to bring old familiar cards, but in a proxy version, with the back of the card indicating it's not tournament legal. With its cost of 999 USD per bundle, we would imagine that the cost per card would be high, but we would never imagine that it would go beyond the original (and tournament legal) version of each card.

The price difference in cards can be seen on both Power 9 cards and Dual Lands. Sigmund Ausfresser was appalled to see that the Tundra proxy costs more in TCG Playerlink outside website than the original:


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And it's not just at TCG Player, at the big store Card Kingdomlink outside website we can also see the same:

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In addition to the higher price, it is notable that most of the cards are out of stock. It is believed that few bundle of the set were sold. The sale of 30th anniversary of Magiclink outside website took place particularly quickly.

The scarcity created by the company and the fact that we have old cards in good print quality can be good reasons for these cards to cost so much, but would you imagine reaching the point of surpassing the originals?