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Pauper Series connecting independent Pauper tournaments at Magic On-line

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Pauper Royale and Tropical Pauper Saturday are qualifying to the Pauper Series, which best players will get a free entry to the Fight Club

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After the success of Pauper Series 1.01, with 102 players, live broadcast of the Top 8 and the money raised for charity, we at Cards Realm are more than happy to announce the Pauper Series 1.02 !

And to do an even better tournament, we listened your feedback and have implemented some changes to the tournament, which will be explained next. But before, feel free to subscribe for the new one, since Pauper Series 1.02 is already open! To subscribe, click herelink outside website.


Now we are going to detail the changes, which were separated into 3 parts: what we feel is lacking in the competitive Pauper scenario, what we have implemented for the Pauper Series 1.02 and what we are intending to implement.

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What we feel is lacking in the competitive Pauper scenario

On a first contact with Pauper, a player may think that the format was created just to spend little money. Well, that is one aspect, after all, Magic is a game and it was not made to take 1/3 of your salary (or even more here in Brazil). But in addition, Pauper is a competitive format with a stable metagame, with complex decisions and cards that are part of the beginning of Magic's history.

That said, we miss the following points:

(1) A format as rich as Pauper sometimes seems to be overlooked, with few official tournaments taking place and no connection between them. Furthermore, the competitive landscape of Magic in general is complex to understand, as there is Pro Tour, Mythic Championship, MPL, etc... but there is no "unity", "order" or "path" to understand a player's progression between the events in which he participates.

(2) Pauper, as a competitive format, does not have a good prize like other formats.

What we implement

We see a lot of people working for Pauper to be a format with more tournaments and accessible.

Weekly events : We have Pauper Royalelink outside website every Thursday and Tropical Pauper Saturday taking place every Saturday. They are free events and with prizes provided by tournament administrators.

Four-monthly event . The Clube da Luta is an event that takes place every 4 months. In its latest edition, more than 100 players participated and won a pool of over 200 TIX in prize money.

(1) The idea of ​​the Pauper Series is to be a monthly tournament that allows it to be a "link" between the independent tournaments that are already taking place. This would resolve the issue of unity and give players an idea of ​​progression.

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(2) Prize: After talking with several players of the format, we decided to charge 1 TIX per registered player and the full amount of registration, sponsorship, donation and etc. will be converted to TOP 16. Although the registration fee increases the prize pool, we recognize that not everyone can pay it, so, with the help of RED JOGOS, 30 registrations will be distributed among the Pauper Royalelink outside website and Tropical Pauper Saturday tournaments that will award entries as they are placed. In other words, in addition to the prize for participating in free tournaments, the player will also receive a subscription to the Pauper Series. Pauper Series will give place to Clube da Luta, a bigger tournament that is already part of the Pauper culture even internationally.

An update - Hamuda from the channel Hamuda MTGlink outside website just donated 6 TIX, so we will have a total of 36 sponsored subscriptions.


What we want to implement

Our main goal with the Pauper Series is to increase the connection between players and Pauper's tournaments. We started the conversation with other tournaments of the format to increase the integration and the online pauper circuit.

If you have a tournament and would like to chat about it, please contact us via email: