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Spoiler Highlight: Werefox Bodyguard in Standard, Pioneer and Commander

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The Wilds of Eldraine previews continue. In today's article, I will discuss the potential of Werefox Bodyguard and in which formats this card can play.

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About the Card

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Werefox Bodyguard is a creature with an ETB ability that allows you to exile target non-Fox creature while Werefox remains on the battlefield.

This ability works similarly to Brutal Cathar, with the difference that Werefox has flash and its second ability allows you to sacrifice it to gain two life, making this card versatile. The big difference here is that Werefox can target any creature on the battlefield, whether it's yours or your opponent's, allowing for some interesting plays.


Werefox Bodyguard in Standard

In Standard, decks like Azorius Midrange and Mono White Aggro can benefit from Werefox Bodyguard. The card has synergy with Serra Paragon, as it can be cast from the graveyard.

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The fact that it cannot exile Fox creatures becomes another positive feature of Werefox. For example: You cast Werefox, exiling an opponent's creature. If your opponent also has Werefox Bodyguard in their deck, they cannot use it to attempt to retrieve their exiled creature.

The sacrifice ability of Werefox is also quite good, allowing you to sacrifice it in response to a global removal spell to send the exiled creature to the graveyard. Another play that can be made with this card is casting Werefox in response to removal to save a creature and then sacrificing Werefox with its second ability to retrieve the exiled creature.

Werefox Bodyguard in Pioneer and Explorer

In Pioneer and Explorer, Werefox Bodyguard has even more potential, as the format features decks with Collected Company and blink effects like Charming Prince.

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Collected Company can make good use of Werefox's ETB ability, allowing you to cast it directly from the library. Charming Prince has an even better interaction with the new card, as it allows you to use Werefox to protect your creatures more efficiently with Charming Prince's blink ability.

Another interesting highlight of this card in Pioneer/Explorer is the possibility to play around Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, acting as removal. You can also cast Werefox in response to Brutal Cathar, exiling the soldier and bringing back the creature that was exiled by it.

Werefox Bodyguard in Commander

In Commander, this card certainly has a place in a Sidar Jabari of Zhalfir deck, as it is a knight with an ability that can be relevant in the deck, and the commander can reanimate creatures from the graveyard, allowing you to bring back Werefox directly onto the battlefield and trigger its ability.

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This sample list is entirely focused on knights, and there are several creatures that can enhance Werefox's ability, such as Cavalier of Night and Glory. You can use Werefox to protect one of your creatures and then sacrifice it with Cavalier to bring your creature back to the field and destroy an opponent's creature. When Cavalier dies, you can bring Werefox back from the graveyard, triggering its ability again.


Werefox Bodyguard is a very interesting addition to constructed formats. When compared to Brutal Cathar, the difference between the two becomes clear, and it's evident that each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, being able to do things at instant speed is always relevant, which is why I believe this card has potential.

Another article concluded, thank you for following along. Leave your impressions of the card, suggestions, or criticisms in the comments. I'll try to respond to everyone. Until next time!