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The 16 players who will participate in the World Championship XXVII

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Sixteen players from around the world will compete between October 8th and 10th for the title of World Champion in Magic: The Gathering!

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Last weekend, there were the events MPL Gauntlet and Rivals Gauntletlink outside website, which defined the last four players who will participate in the World Championship XXVII, which will take place between October 8-10.

In the MPL Gauntlet, the Japanese players Rei Sato (Jeskai Mutate), Yoshihiko Ikawa (Jeskai Mutate) and Frenchman Jean-Emmanuel Depraz (Dimir Rogues) got their spots for the big event after several rounds of Swiss and Top 8.


At Rivals Gauntlet, the German player Jan Merkel took the spot for the event after beating the American Gavin Thompson in the finals, in a Izzet Control mirror.

And with that, the 16 players who will compete for a $250,000 prize pool are closed.

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Japan is the country with the largest number of participants, totaling 5 players: Rei Sato, Keisuke Sato, Noriyuki Mori, Yoshihiko Ikawa and Yuta Takahashi.

The second country with the most attendees at the event is the United States, with Seth Manfield, Matt Sperling and Sam Pardee.

Brazil has the participation of Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, winner of the World Championship XXVIlink outside website, in 2020, which earned him not only a significant award, but also the title of player-of-the-year in the Brasil eSports 2020 awards, besides the player being immortalized in Magic with the Elite Spellbinder card.

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The World Championship had a turbulent trajectory throughout 2021, starting with the announcement that its prize, originally announced as US$1,000,000, would be down to $250,000, which led to a lot of negative feedback from players, including an open letter made by professional players in order for Wizards and Hasbro to reconsider this reduction.

Some time later, the company backed down and announced an expansion of the event prize pool by including an entry fee for each player of US$50,000.

The XXVII World Championship will take place between 8th and 10th of October, and its formats are going to be Standard and Innistrad Midnight Hunt draft.