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Two New 30th Anniversary Promos Will Be Released In Japan

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If you thought the 30th Anniversary celebrations were over, you thought wrong! These promos have surfaced online and will be part of WotC's celebrations, which are rumoured to last until mid-2024.

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Two iconic cards will be released as promos in Japan as a celebration of Magic: The Gathering's 30th Anniversary.

Throughout 2022, Wizards of the Coast announced they would be releasing a series of celebratory promos. In an attempt to represent each and every year of those 30 years, a different promo was released, later following the schedule of set prereleases beginning with Dominaria United and ending with Brothers' War.

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Cards such as Wood Elves, Eternal Witness and Deadly Dispute were revealed and released one by one. A few of them were even released in a specific language only; The goal was to truly make each of those 30 years feel like a collective experience of Magic: The Gathering across the world.

Interestingly enough, Japan already had its very own exclusive promo card in Japanese: Tarmogoyf.

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So, what are these two new promos? Well, it appears that two exclusive new promos are being released and promoted by certain stores in Japan as part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration. The posters for the promos have been posted on social media this past Tuesday, July 18th.

The first promo is Shivan Dragon, featured in the poster below:

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Translating the image, fans were able to determine that this promo is likely to be released by the "official Anniversary store", which could either point to any WotC-sanctioned store or just a few select stores.

You can get this card by buying an "entrance ticket" in advance, which will guarantee you a copy of the promo delivered by mail, or get one for each 5,000 Yen spent at the store, which could mean you can get as many copies as you want.

The artist who made this card, Kota Nakatsubo, did other Magic artwork before, notably a variant of The Dragon-Kami Reborn.

The second card is Destroy Evil, which shows a different style:

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This poster has fewer details than the previous one, and social media users were able to detect that the 5,000 Yen promotion wouldn't apply here. The "mail-ticket" way of getting the card is still described. You can also receive one if you buy the ticket in person, but only if there are available copies left.

Naoki Saito, who has worked with the Pokémon, Duel Masters and Hitsune Miku IPs before, is the artist featured on this promo. He also illustrated Dragalia Lost, the game, and has written and drawn a Manga series of his own.

Apparently, this promotion will be running from September 1st to September 10th in Miyashita Park, Shibuya, Tokyo. If you have plans to be close by, don't miss out on the opportunity to get these exclusive promos!