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- $ 4.49 0.02 tix
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Name Maze's End Edit card
Type Land
Description Maze's End enters the battlefield tapped. Icons of mtg: Add Icons of mtg. Icons of mtg, Icons of mtg, Return Maze's End to its owner's hand: Search your library for a Gate card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle. If you control ten or more Gates with different names, you win thSee more
Artist Cliff Childs
Set Ravnica Remastered #465
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About Maze's End

Maze's End, Land, designed by Cliff Childs first released in Jun, 2002 in the set Magic Online Promos and was printed exactly in 9 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 4.49. It's a key card in 4 combos.

A deck focused on a Gates strategy in Magic: The Gathering would benefit from using Maze's End, as it provides a win condition by assembling ten different Gates. While there may be more efficient win conditions available, Maze's End can be a fun and unique card to build a deck around, especially in a casual or themed setting where the goal is to achieve victory through assembling a specific combination of cards.

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Putting a Gate onto the battlefield with Maze’s End doesn’t count as the one land you can play during your turn. If it’s your turn, you can play Maze’s End or a different land card from your hand after its ability has resolved.


Returning Maze’s End to its owner’s hand is part of the cost to activate its last ability. Once that ability is announced, players can’t respond to it until after you’ve paid its activation cost and returned Maze’s End to hand.

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