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New Capenna Commander Tokens icon
Name New Capenna Commander Tokens
Code tncc
Type token
Released 04/20/22
Total number of itens 37


In the world of the New Capenna Commander Tokens set in Magic: the Gathering, players are introduced to a city where cunning conspiracies and dark dealings take place. The lore delves into a realm where powerful factions vie for control, showcasing a mix of intrigue and betrayal. The mechanics of the set bring new token creatures to the battlefield, each representing different characters within the city, each with unique abilities that reflect their roles in the ongoing battles for dominance. As players navigate the complexities of this shadowed world, they must strategize and outmaneuver their opponents to emerge victorious in the chaotic landscape of New Capenna.

Top 6 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Clue Token 4 decks $ 0.09
2. Wurm Token 1 decks $ 0.20
3. Human Soldier Token 1 decks $ 0.11
4. Soldier Token 1 decks $ 0.01
5. Beast Token 1 decks $ 0.07
6. Food Token 1 decks $ 0.20

Important dates

  • In-Store Prerelease:
  • Digital Release:
  • In-Store Launch Party Events:
  • Friday Night Magic:
  • Global Tabletop Release:
  • Commander Night:
  • Store Championship:

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