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EDH: Top 10 Best Colorless Card Draw Spells

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Do you need help with card draw for your Commander deck, and want to try out some colorless cards? Take a look at our top 10!

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Do you need help with card draw for your Commander deck, and want to try out some colorless cards?

In this article, we'll show you the top 10 colorless card draw spells, from artifacts to lands! Because they're colorless, you can use them in any deck, so keep an eye out to find the cards that best fit your home brew.

This is the third article of a series of articles covering the 10 best card draw spells in each color for Commander in particular. The first article was about white cardslink outside website, so check it out!


If you enjoy this type of article and would like to suggest a theme for our next ones, leave a comment down below! Our goal is to help players who haven't played a lot of MTG, or players that are exploring other colors, find the cards they need for their Commander decks!

Before we start, here's how we picked the cards in this article.

How Did We Pick These Cards?

There's a wide variety of instants, sorceries, and even cards that interact with a few specific mechanics that will help you get ahead in card advantage, the iconic concept Magic: The Gathering players constantly look for.

We understand this text will serve as a base for any experienced player who wants to check it out, but, particularly, our target audience is new players. That is, players that haven't played MTG for long, and want some help to build their decks efficiently.

As a result, for all of these "Top 10s", we'll prioritize cards that are more generic and/or don't depend on specific decks to work.

Example: Idol of Oblivion is a great artifact to draw cards, but you can only use it if you created a token that turn, and not every deck creates tokens consistently. As a result, this artifact didn't make our list.

Additionally, we prioritized permanents, as they usually stay on the board for longer and will give you card advantage again and again until your opponent can (or wants) to remove them.

With this in mind, let's see our top 10 best colorless card draw spells!

Top 10 Best Colorless Card Draw Spells

10. Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

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A land that draws you cards? Yes, please!

If you pay two mana and tap Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, each player will draw a card.

Even though it benefits your opponents because it also gives them an extra card, this legendary land is definitely interesting and a great choice for decks that don't have many slots available.

You can also choose when you want to activate this ability, so you can use them at the best time for you.

9. Howling Mine

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Howling Mine is a cheap artifact that is great for your whole table; if it is untapped, it will give you all one extra card at the beginning of each player's draw step.

8. Bonders' Enclave

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This is another land on our list, and there's more on the way!

Bonders' Enclave draws you cards if you control a creature with 4 or more power. You'll also need to pay three mana to activate this ability. This is an interesting addition for anyone who likes decks with big creatures, like the ones that focus on Dinosaurs or the fearsome Eldrazi.

7. War Room

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War Room really matches Commander because it interacts directly with the concept of "having one commander for your army". This land is ideal for decks that play only one color; you'll pay less life to draw cards with its activated ability.

It is certainly not a land that I'd recommend for decks that use multiple colors. If that's your case, I highly recommend you study the other cards in this list or check out the other articles in this series to find the best card draw for you.


6. Staff of Domination

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Staff of Domination has several activated abilities, but the one that earned it a spot on our list is the one that draws a card if you pay five mana and tap it.

When you're scrambling for resources, this ability might be just as useful as its other abilities, if not much more useful. Besides this, if you pay Magic Symbol c, you can untap this artifact and use its abilities again.

As a result, you can use Staff of Domination in many infinite draw, life, and mana comboslink outside website.

5. The Immortal Sun

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We've made it to our top 5!

The Immortal Sun is an artifact that does your laundry, irons your shirts, cooks for you, and also tucks you in at night.

Besides drawing you one extra card on your turn, this artifact's other static abilities are great and help you:

- Disrupt opponents that use planeswalkers;

- Discount the cost of your spells;

- Buff your creatures.

If it were a bit cheaper, it would definitely occupy a higher position on our list.

4. Mind's Eye

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Considering a standard casual Commander table, with Mind's Eye, you'll potentially draw three cards before your next turn. That is, if one of your opponents doesn't draw you an extra card when it is their turn as well.

You can also use this ability more than once per turn, as long as you have enough mana to pay for it.

3. Sensei's Divining Top

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A cheap artifact that lets you look at the top three cards in your deck and pick the next card you'll draw?

That's Sensei's Divining Top, a card that helps you through tough times and has two incredible card draw abilities.

As we mentioned before, you can pay mana to look at the top three cards in your deck and put them back in any order. You'll just need to tap it to use its second ability, draw a card, and put Sensei's Divining Top on the top of your deck afterward.

This artifact is incredibly popular in infinite draw comboslink outside website, but this card is great for any deck, not only the ones that use these types of combos.

2. Skullclamp

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Skullclamp is a really popular equipment, particularly in decks that focus on creature tokens or sacrificing creatures. However, its effect is much more impressive than it seems, and is truly what makes this card a beast in terms of card draw: if the creature it is equipped to dies, you'll draw two cards.

This means that, even without 1/1 tokens that die as soon as you equip Skullclamp to them, you can equip it to a creature with more power that may die in combat (either when it attacks or blocks), and guarantee two extra cards.


Depending on your deck or your board, you may fill your entire hand with cards with this equipment.

1. The One Ring

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Our first place is one of the most coveted and beloved cards in the entire game right now: The One Ring.

You've probably heard of this card; after all, in 2023, there was an actual race between players across the world for its serialized version, which ended up hyperlink(being bought by Post Malone for US$2 million, allegedly. This news broke the internet for a while.

The One Ring is definitely an incredible card: just by entering the board, this artifact protects you from everything until the next turn.

Then, you may put a burden counter on it and draw a card for each burden counter that is currently on it. On the other side, at the beginning of your upkeep, you'll also lose one Life for each counter on The One Ring, but no one cries too much about this when they play it.

Besides all of these abilities, The One Ring is also indestructible and will certainly annoy your opponents to death.

Final Thoughts

This is the end of our "top 10 best colorless card draw spells"!

As the cards in this list are colorless, you can use them with any commander and study what they can offer you and your deck. After all, some colorless cards may give you more cards than certain colored cards.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us in the comment section below.

We're always keeping an eye on our comment section, so don't hesitate to tell us your suggestions!

See you next time!