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Post Malone Buys Exclusive "The One Ring", rumored to be worth US$2 Million Dollars

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In a not-at-all surprising move, just a month after The One Ring was found, Post Malone, the celebrity musician, has bought the exclusive card, which is rumored to be worth US$2 million dollars.

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The One Ring, an exclusive 001/001 card in Magic: The Gathering's The Lord of the Rings set, was released initially to add more mystique to the mythos of Tolkien's lore, supposedly not to be found for years and even become lost at one point...

But, of course, fans found it in two weekslink outside website and now Post Malone has bought it.

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There is only one copy of this serialized Magic: The Gathering card in the world, as only one was printed.

Initially, The One Ring was discovered by a Canadian player at his local game store, which was good news for fans who thought a store opening up thousands of packs would be the one to find it. Not much about the identity of the owner was known then, as players figured out the card had been found after its rating appeared at PSA, the main rating venue for players to get their cards' quality evaluated.

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The card went up for sale for some time, fetching upwards of US$2 million dollars at one point, but then, soon after it was discovered, the sale died down and the whereabouts of the cards became unknown. Many fans online assumed private negotiations were being made, and some had already guessed who would be the future owner of such an exclusive card.

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Post Malone has been known to be an avid MTG fan for some years now. He has offered a prize pool of $100k to anyone who beats him in a game, and has had features in official Magic: The Gathering cards.

How the sale went down is still unknown, but we do know he flew over personally to get the card. The whole ordeal was posted on TikTok, where we met Brook Trafton, the original owner of The One Ring.

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Trafton posted the moment he opened it back in June, and the moment he met Post Malone and delivered the card in his hands.

"I have played MTG since I was a kid and obviously it would be amazing to keep this card. But for a guy like me, being able to sell it is life changing." - The video description reads.

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" just really hoped it would go to someone who would appreciate it as much as I do. This is my dream come true, meeting Post Malone and him buying the One Ring card from me is literally a moment straight out of a fairytale."

Well, that's the end of that. For now.