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Quiz: Which character are you on the Thunder Junction team?

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What kind of outlaw would you be in Thunder Junction? Take part in this Quiz and find out which of the characters on the team has the most to do with you!

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Have you followed the lore of Thunder Junction and wondered what your role on the team would be?

If you want to know more about the Lore, we have a resume made especially for youlink outside website.

With this quiz, you can find out in a fun way which of our favorite outlaws is most like you!

Let's start?

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In the group of friends, you are:

Who is always looking out for othersCorrect symbol

Who is there for any situationCorrect symbol

Who's always in a comical momentCorrect symbol

That stays quietCorrect symbol

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At school, you were:

Who agreed to carry out a crazy experimentCorrect symbol

The one that helps the leader of the messCorrect symbol

The head of any messCorrect symbol

The one who stood by his friends in any situationCorrect symbol

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Which animal do you prefer?

ElkCorrect symbol

SnakesCorrect symbol

MonkeyCorrect symbol

Any animal that can be riddenCorrect symbol

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Let's come up with a foolproof plan. You prefer:

Take care of the strategyCorrect symbol

Criticizing the ideas of someone you don't likeCorrect symbol

InfiltrateCorrect symbol

Waiting for others to make decisionsCorrect symbol

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What is your motivation?

Learn and experience the magic of other planesCorrect symbol

Support my friendsCorrect symbol

Help the ones I loveCorrect symbol

Just Chaos!!Correct symbol

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Choose an activity to carry out in the team:

Reanimate the deadCorrect symbol

Monitor the surroundingsCorrect symbol

Committing petty theftCorrect symbol

Keep everything in orderCorrect symbol

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Which action do you consider the coolest?

Command a pirate shipCorrect symbol

Survive a fight against giant fungusCorrect symbol

Turn a king into an elkCorrect symbol

Reanimate a sea monsterCorrect symbol

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Choose a title:

Crown ThiefCorrect symbol

Relic HunterCorrect symbol

The little buggerCorrect symbol

Fascinating scoundrelCorrect symbol

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A dangerous situation occurs. It's time to...

Abandon allies to their fateCorrect symbol

Take the opportunity to steal something coolCorrect symbol

Relax, because if something goes wrong you can revive your allies laterCorrect symbol

Do whatever is necessary for your safetyCorrect symbol

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Choose what you can't miss in your deck:

Cards to MillCorrect symbol

Cards to create creature tokensCorrect symbol

Cards to create non-creature tokens (treasure, clue)Correct symbol

Anything that makes opponents angryCorrect symbol