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Apex monsters of Ikoria - The supreme predators

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Today we will talk discuss more the lore of Ikoria, this time it will be about the apex monsters of each Triome.

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Before showing the monsters, I have to explain to you what a Triome is. Ikoria has five major geographic regions that are named like this. Each Triome has its own unique terrain, a dominant group of monsters and a terrible monster called the Apex Predator. The Triomes arose due to the unique flow of magic through the land of this plane. Each region is the result of three distinct types of mana that mix together.

Savai consists of grassy plains on top of mountains and swampy underground tunnels. Their dominant clades is cat. In the lowlands of Savai there is Drannith, the largest human sanctuary on the plane and a thriving city with thousands of residents. It also has an incredible military force that defends the city from giant monsters. The main monster of this Triome is Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt.


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This fierce hunter lives in a cave, which is adorned by the trophies of its death, in a distorted display of justice, since humans are usually the ones who display their hunting trophies. Snapdax is an unbeatable predator that combines the skill of a cat, the stealth of a nightmare and the aggressiveness of a dinosaur. It is the most efficient killing machine.

An ancient legend told by Rielle, Omissapiente says that Snapdax destroyed the first human settlements across the country. According to legend, the survivors of the attacks joined forces to build a new sanctuary, which they called Drannith.

Ketria consists of rivers and waterfalls that cut through crystal clear forests and cascade down mountain slopes. The dominant clade is elemental and is home to Illuna, Apex of Wishes.

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Illuna is an ethereal being with the power to weave dreams and grant wishes. Little is known about Illuna, and what is known seems to defy the understandings of the world. Illuna is said to literally make dreams come true, although it seems to bestow its gifts entirely on its own whim. Planeswalker Vivien Reid is one of the few who heard this creature's voice. She saw Illuna floating through Ketria, murmuring under its breath. Although she thought she was in hiding, the creature stared at her, as if it was evaluating her own soul. Illuna's cry is a beautiful chord that seems to harmonize with the world itself. Rielle tells an ancient legend about Illuna casting a creature of dreams, but every time she tells it, the creature is different. Rielle's mind is finally starting to disappear, or that is another of the great mysteries of this creature.

Indatha consists of swampy puddles on the plains, dotted with trees in unique shapes. The dominant clade is nightmare. Many generations ago, there was a sanctuary in Indatha called Orn. One night, nightmares burst through the gates and massacred the population. Some residents built hot air balloons to escape and, over time, more and more balloonists joined their ships, forming the sanctuary that is now known as the Skysail. Its residents now use their aircraft to avoid or outwit the monsters. Returning to Indatha, the place is home to one of the most feared monsters of that plane, Nethroi, Apex of Death.

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When traveling through Indatha, they say that many whispers can be heard. These whispers belong to Nethroi, a hybrid of cat, nightmare and beast with the power to raise the dead. Nethroi crawls through the swamps, surrounded by the souls of dead creatures that hear his call, creatures with rotten carcasses that rise up mocking life.

Rielle tells an old legend about Nethroi's first attack. The sages believe that being devoured by Nethroi is the only way for someone to be truly erased from existence, as the monster's dominion over death allows it to consume the flesh and the soul.


Raugrin consists of volcanic mountains that surround white sand beaches along the coast. The dominant clade is dinosaur. Located in Raugrin there is Lavabrink, a sanctuary city hidden under a huge volcanic wall in the Ongra Range, where lava flows into channels towards Kauld, the lava lake. Their survival strategy is to become inaccessible to monsters, as lava protects the city. The sanctuary is also known for its blacksmiths, metallurgy, tool making and sculpture, and therefore has the best weapons on the plane. Raugrin is home to a monster that cannot be stopped even by lava: Vadrok, Apex of Thunder.

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Vadrok rules the skies and its roar is comparable to thunder. It may not be the biggest or fastest monster in the sky, but it is by far the fiercest. Vadrok produces magical energy while flying, then releases it through the breath of blue flame. The sages say that Vadrok's flames have magical properties that can cause all kinds of devastating effects, but the end result will always be the same: death. Vadrok's unchallenged dominance and mobility means that it can appear anywhere in Raugrin, and many city dwellers of other triomas refer to the region ironically as "Vadrok territory". He made his nest at the Shroka Peaks. Its hunting grounds cover the entire territory of Raugrin and even parts of Ketria. Vivien Reid believes that Vadrok has the largest hunting ground of all the plane's monsters.

Ancient legends say that Vadrok burned a human sanctuary to ashes. Not only did the magical fire destroy the city, it also erased all memories of its existence. Only the wise Rielle knows this myth.

And the last of the triomes is Zagoth, which consists of rainforests filled with vast lakes of lilies and swamps. The dominant clade is the beasts and the king of these beasts is Brokkos, Apex of Forever.


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All apex monsters are ancient, but everyone believes that Brokkos is the oldest of all. The gentle giant roams the forests of Zagoth with a miniature forest growing on its back. Brokkos is said to experience time differently than the rest of Ikoria's creatures: its breath take hours and its naps take weeks. But, like time itself, Brokkos is an unstoppable force. Once its starts to move, nothing can stop it, be a human, a monster or the land itself. It seems that Brokkos's movements coincide with the change of seasons in Ikoria, although it is not known whether Brokkos follows the seasons or the seasons follow Brokkos.

According to the legend told by Rielle, the first human was a hunter who tried to kill this apex monster. Instead of fighting back, Brokkos gave the human two gifts. The first was a vision of the past, so that she can learn from her mistakes. The second was a vision of the future, so that she could take others forward.

And that's it. All Apex monsters. Maybe in the next article I will discuss about the other legends of Ikoria, but of course it depends on your feedback, so share this article with your friends and groups. Thank you for reading so far and see you next time.