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Can I get a Fetch Land for under $10? For the first time ever, now you can!

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For the first time, seemingly, ever, a Fetch Land has gone under $10! Check out what makes these cards so expensive and what has brought their prices down momentarily.

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With the release of every new set, the Magic:The Gathering market fluctuates. Old cards become new staples, new combos are found, created and popularized, and recent cards may be replaced by better options. Different mechanics can be revived, and forgotten cards can come back and dominate entire metas. March of the Machine could be no different: a number of diverse cards have been brought back into relevance, and the market has changed, increasing and decreasing the price of many cards.


One of such fluctuations has been the price of Fetch Lands. For the first time ever, with the March of the Machine release, a Fetchland price has gone under $10. Marsh Flats, as of today, costs $9,94 at the minimum.

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As illustrated by the graph above, this is the lowest this card has ever cost, making today a day for the MTG history books. You can even see that in sometime between 2014 and 2015, this card would cost up to $50! Considering the scarcity of that type of card back then, such prices weren't that surprising, and it all has to do with offer-demand, and the value of Fetch Land's mechanics in MTG's meta.

Fetchlands have long been valued as powerful cards that allow you to "fetch", as the name suggests, other lands, by tapping and paying one life. It is possible to search for one of two lands with a Basic Land type, depending on the colors of the fetch land itself. They don't need to be Basic Lands, however, and can just have a Basic Land Type, which is what makes Fetch Lands so powerful. Working with these cards with proper deckbuilding can transform a regular deck into a real menace in consistency and power level.

A few lands that can be searched for with Fetchlands are Triome Lands, Dual Lands and Shock Lands. All of these have their corresponding value, and high prices as well, as some of these types can cost around $10-20; some were banned in certain formats for their power level, and some weren't reprinted for a long time after their release.

So, in sum, the lands that can be fetched by fetchlands are already valuable on their own, which makes the Fetchland mechanic expensive to get and build for. In MTG history, some of these cards have cost $30 for each copy on average, which means $120 is necessary to have four copies. So, Marsh Flats dropping under $10 is not only a miracle, but a welcomed change.