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Children of the Nameless is no longer available in free digital content

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The content of the "Children of the nameless" story has been replaced with a message

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The team responsible for the Magic: the Gathering lore is removing free digital content to make way for physical books. The event was reported by user @Bjeleren on twitter.


@Bjeleren demonstrates example of removed content from the Wizards of the Coast websitelink outside website.

The content of the "Children of the nameless" story has been replaced by the message: "From legendary fantasy author Brandon Sanderson! Since birth, Tacenda has been both blessed and cursed. When her protective spell fails and her Kessig village is attacked, she seeks revenge against those responsible. Available in print soon!"

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Some websites that downloadedlink outside website content while it was free still have it. They were not notified to remove the content. The story can also be read on the Wizards website using January's Google Cache.

Removing free digital content is against the request of the author of the book Brandon Sanderson. He said he was fine with a physical release as long as the free version remains available. What happened to Children of the Nameless can happen to other books of the Magic lore.