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Exclusive Phyrexian Click-Wheel: How to Get it!

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Find out how to get an Exclusive Phyrexian Click-Wheel to flex on all your opponents!

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To celebrate the release of the Phyrexia: All Will Be Onelink outside website set, there's another promo on the corner for MTG fans: an exclusive Phyrexian Click-Wheel!

The Click-Wheel has become one of the MTG's community favorite tools, as it allows you to count down important numbers in your matches, such as damage counters, life total, and more. It is also a great way to show your love for all things MTG and Phyrexia, besides being terribly fashionable.

The Click-Wheel sports the iconic Phyrexian colors, red and white, and all numbers and characters are drawn up in Phyrexian:


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It fits in the palms of your hands perfectly and is a great addition to any Phyrexian devout:

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To get this exclusive gear, from March 3 onwards, visit your local WPN game store and win the Click-Wheel for free when you spend $75 sealed Magic: the Gathering products. This includes all types of products, such as Booster boxes, Commander decks, or the very own Phyrexia: All Will Be One products.

But pay attention: there is only one Click-Wheel per customer per day as long as supply last, so if you are a Phyrexia fan, don't miss this great opportunity of getting the exclusive gear!

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