Lessons Wizards taught me in 2020

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Lessons Wizards taught me in 2020

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In this year that everything turned upside down, I will show you what happened to the people who play Magic.

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Seven lessons that Wizards taught me in 2020

Good morning creatures addicted to this painted cardboard, sorry for the delay in posting something, I've been focusing more on updating the website's combos. And this year huh? I am about to say that despite that everything turned upside down, at Magic: The Gathering was a year in which you could learn a lot. About this, I separated the 7 main lessons I had this past year with our beloved card game company!

1-Commander IS Magic!

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As much as many people joke that Commander is not Magic ... Wizards this year not only took Commander as the flagship of sales at Magic, but made it very clear in their releases of the year. Strengthening that idea, this year they launched exclusive collections for Commander, Commander Signature Green, Jump Start and Commander Masters. Not to mention that Ikoria, Throne of Eldraine and Zendikar Rising had many useful cards for the format. Just pay attention: Commander players are always buying "different" cards, after all, in Commander everything can be used. They move store stocks, this helps a lot in the “economy” of the game. Wizards and LGS owners are probably grateful.

2-There are Magic products that are not worthwhile for those who do not collect

Secret Lair and Double Masters were the biggest controversies of the year. And I notice some people upset about not having access, me being one of them: “Poor people in the world, unite!”. In Brazil and in some countries there are no prints of some of these products, so the value that is already salty in the USA becomes impractical here. Nothing against those who were brave enough to buy, but, unfortunately, it doesn't fit my budget. But reluctantly, in all my heartache, I understood that even in short runs Secret Lair has a positive side: it lowers the prices of the originals, it pleases those with purchasing power and in this way is useful for both audiences, helping all players, and mainly, making the company profit from it. Which makes the game more solid and without risk of ending. Point for Miss Wizards.

3- Magic now has a VIP area

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It was inaugurated in the “The Walking Dead” set of

Secret Lair

, always her. In it appeared the first cards that “either pay or don't have". Not that the other cards are not worth their money, but Secret Lair created a product that is a preview of a future set, which can be launched today, next month or in 10 years. And that has a delayed value that will only increase until they are relaunched, you can buy it directly at Wizards at the cost of a kidney and 2 eyes and have this preview of the future game ... or not. Wizards created yet another way to have cards, at an absurd price. Which unfortunately ends up being a more monetary than preferential choice. Not that it doesn't exist with every bomb in each set, cards with more than 200 bucks, or exclusive cards from closed decks like Commander decks, but before you had the option of taking them out in a simple booster or at a less bitter price. For these sets, this rule does not stick.

4-Magic after Covid-19 will never be the same

Who came to try MTGO, MTG Arena or even that naughty shenanigans with pipes to continue the "every friday multiplayer" without agglomerating? COVID-19 changed the way we interact and play Magic. It opened up many possibilities that we didn't even explore due to laziness, or even lack of motivation. He created other modalities and strengthened websites, championships, supports and programs, reducing the crowd in our houses, probably causing difficulties for LGS owners to maintain themselves. Who speaks best about it is Hudson in this article about accessing these ways of playing: herelink outside website.





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F.I.R.E, the Magic policy that did not start this year but has been discussed more in it. In short, it consists of stronger cards to please and attract more players. There were a lot of strong cards released this year as well as a lot of banned ones, which for me was great, I prefer to level Magic over than underneath (my personal opinion). I understand that in leveling it over, fatalities are unpredictable, Bans will happen, but rather with them, than without them and in an environment without change.




in Magic! With each Lore, more representation to groups that would not even be mentioned before, Lores with people of no gender, LGBTs and the like, in the same way that these groups also exist in society. And I think Wizards is very cool and smart to seek representation in these niches, because it is necessary. It brings more truth to our society. More real stories and situations. In addition to more players, more people who feel identified, which generates more cards in the market. We all win!

7- Magic has changed, and it was

a lot


Today we have some differentiated products in Magic, products of long-term market saturation (Jump Start), products with specific cards for Commander, for Modern, and in a while probably even for other formats, like Pioneer, and

who knows one day

, even for Pauper? Magic, thanks to the great architect of the Nerd universe, has evolved more and more and this is great for people who play. It differentiates audiences and serves the majority, sure that it will not always please everyone, but if not even Jesus did, will Wizards do it? This year I felt like one of the sales focus groups, not in all products but in the vast majority, I was tempted to do my shopping. I laughed a lot, I was much more impressed than I was disappointed with many cards. Magic was able to hold my attention, both in Lore, and in mechanics and sets. I hope they stay that way! What are your views on this past year? If you can, put it here! Do you agree or not?


https://mtg.cardsrealm.com/articles/a-nova-era-do-magic:-the-gathering https://mtg.cardsrealm.com/articles/como-fazer-para-jogar-magic-virtual-de-forma-gratuita:-arena-webcam-ou-mol Cards Realm Podcast Fazendo Nerdice channel on youtube In the end I would like to thank Tábata who helped me a lot to edit this beauty that you guys are reading.
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