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March of the Machine EDH Tips: Return of Eminence and a new Angel Ally?!

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Another MTG powerhouse Dev just dropped more tips for the next set, March of the Machine, including the return of Eminence and a new Angel Ally!

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Earlier this Monday, the 28th of March, MTG Dev Gavin Verhey dropped 14 new hints for the upcoming set, March of the Machinelink outside website, which is scheduled for release on April outside website

Spoilers begin tomorrow via an official stream on the main MTG twitch channel, but while we wait, Gavin Verhey dropped a video containing more hints about the Commander block of this set.


Without further ado, let's check out the hints:

Gavin Verhey's Hints about March of the Machine Commander

"Hey all! Much like how Mark does a hint teaser for main sets, I like to do them for the Commander sets when there's more than just 2 decks. So, I put one together for March of the Machine!"

"The video has a bit more context and also 4 brand new pieces of art - but because I know most of you just want to see the hints, I wanted to share them here too. As a reminder of how this works, these are only about the NEW cards in these Commander decks, and the exclusive new Commander cards found in set and collector boosters. Also, this may not give you all the information - they are cryptic hints after all - so speculate appropriately. :)"

Hint #1: There is a red card with enchant planeswalker.

Hint #2: There is a card that calls back to a specific group of cards from New Phyrexia.

Hint #3: There is a card that begins, "Whenever you cast a Phyrexian creature or artifact creature spell..."

Hint #4: There is a card with the same ability three times!

Hint #5: There is a cycle of cards that all have the ability words, "Will of the Planeswalkers"

Hint #6: There is a card with a sentence that begins, "As many times as you choose..."

Hint #7: There is a card with the parley mechanic!

Hint #8: There is a card that cares about Merfolk.

Hint #9: There is a plane that references an iconic creature from Alpha.

Hint #10: Good news for the people always asking me about Kithkin: there is a new rare kithkin in these decks!

Hint #11: There is an Angel Ally!

Hint #12: There is a Phyrexianized M11 Titan in the set.

Hint #13: There is a new card with eminence! Yep, you read that right.

Hint #14: There is FINALLY something that creates a 1/1 butterfly creature token with flying, only previously found in Magic online, in paper. #FreeTheButterfly

"You'll see some of these cards in the debut this Wednesday, at 9am Pacific, on Twitch and Youtube as well. So be sure to check that out when it hits!"

"Curious to hear what you all think some of these might be! Speculate away. :)"

You can check out the full video with the hints below:

So, what did you think of the hints? Are you excited about the return of Eminence? Or perhaps the Angel Ally is more to your tastes? Leave your comment below!