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Mark Rosewater States New AI Could Design MTG Cards In Time

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In a recent post, Mark Rosewater stated that AI technology could design cards in the future.

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Even though artificial intelligence has not been in the good graces of the internet ever since ChatGPT argued with a chatter about which day it was, and a mental health tool based on AI told eating disorder patients harmful information about dieting, it seems this debate is far from over. Across tech sectors, developers, designers, and many other specialists have been wondering if there ever could be a future in which these tools were not the evil job-stealing inaccurate robots they currently are in the media, but actually proper tools to be used with discretion and expertise, just like search engines.


Naturally, these debates would reach the gaming industry, as players across games have been trying to use certain AI tools to get better at their games, or test if they would be able to beat them in their game. Chess computers have been around for a long time, which was all the more reason to wonder if certain games would move to a scenario more like chess, where chess AI has been present for more than a decade.

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It is now time for a Magic: The Gathering to speak up about the issue and state his thoughts about using AI to design cards. Mark Rosewater, in a post published on his Tumblr, told his readers just this Wednesday that the possibility was not at all that foreign to him:

“I believe there will come a day where AI is a tool we use for design, but there are a whole host of issues to work through before we get there.”

- Mark Rosewater

Wizards of the Coast itself hasn't officially commented on the issue, so this could be just another MaRo thing, but even then, fans have already begun debating the possibility on popular forums across the internet.

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Previous attempts to test out certain AI tools' knowledge on Magic: The Gathering have been unsuccessful to say the least. When asked about Commander decks, ChatGPT created an illegal Commander deck with two Llanowar Elves. As a result, players haven't been keen on using the tool before to enhance their Magic: The Gathering experience.

Considering the more recent feedback on AI tools has been going down, with claims being made that ChatGPT, for instance, doesn't know anything about the subjects it's asked about, and instead just words ideas in a way that seems believable to the human eye, and other claims being made about the tools being homophobic, racist, sexist, and particularly biased as it is based on certain databases that might push it in that direction, it is not unreasonable to say that the idea of AI designing Magic cards may seem very bad to a majority of fans.

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Still, MaRo said it himself: it is just a possibility, that could or not happen in the future. A very distant future, as of now.