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MTG Dev Teases Eight New Artworks For Future Cards

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Mark Rosewater revealed eight new artworks for future cards at the San Diego Comic Con!

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The San Diego Comic Con has been gifting fans of the game world plenty of different news regarding all the new releases to come for the rest of 2023. Besides big-name comic companies, such as Marvel and DC, game companies such as CAPCOM, Blizzard, Ubisoft and many others have been holding their own panels and booths at the event, and they have been teasing all sorts of new products to come very soon.

Naturally, Wizards of the Coast didn't miss out on the chance of teasing yet another product for Magic: The Gathering fans. Mark Rosewater, one of the iconic developers behind the beloved card game, showed, on Saturday, July 22nd, eight new artworks made for future cards.


"I won't answer any questions about these, though", he told the audience, so there is a lot of mystery regarding where these illustrations will appear and exactly what set they're teasing. There is a lot of space still in the 2023 MTG release schedulelink outside website for a few of them, but some are more mysterious than others.

Fans have been theorizing about the cards on the internet, and some think they know exactly what these artworks are about.

Without further ado, take a look at the eight new illustrations shown below:

Goose Hydra

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The Goose Hydra shown here is a clear nod to a DnD meme, and fans have been suggesting it belongs to Wilds of Eldrainelink outside website, which is a fairy-tale inspired set.

How Many Creature Types? Yes.

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Following the linguistic changelink outside website from Tribal to Typal, this undescribable beast is apparently going in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, according to fans, as it has elements of the Mesoamerican style and could fit right in.

More Visits to Middle-Earth

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Yes, you read that right. It seems Middle-Earth will be visited pretty often, if we're coming back to it once again. Fans have been suggesting it belongs to maybe another Secret Lairlink outside website, or even more Lord of the Rings cards.

Whodunit, More Like Whoseplaneisthis?

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This smart fella dressed like a detective has everyone pointing at a possible "murder mystery" plane, something that was suggested multiple times by fans and even addressed by devs before.

This is one of the most mysterious pictures, so most don't feel comfortable guessing which plane is this, and we're not gonna be the first ones.

Circus Knives

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This artwork either points to Ravnica or Zendikar, according to some community members on the internet which seem to think this could be a vampire or a creature from a "carnival-themed" plane.

Let's Try This Hydra One More Time

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This hydra is much scarier than the goose by traditional standards, and it seems to point at Theros.

Lil Mouse to the Rescue!

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This one is very confusing, as it doesn't seem to be from anywhere known.

Old Rustein

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Though everyone can agree this is Old Rustein, the return to Innistrad, which would make it the third Innistrad set in Standard, is more doubtful. As this is a different version of the character, and Omenpaths have been opened in the lore recently, we could be seeing this old face in a new setting.

More News

The best places to get further information regarding these teasers will probably be at MagicCon: Barcelona, Gen Con, and the Wizards Presents Livestream, which are all set to happen throughout the next month.

So, what did you think of these illustrations? Think you know exactly where they are from? Tell us in the comment section!