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MTG: Discover the new or returning Mechanics in Murders at Karlov Manor

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Murders at Karlov Manor, in addition to bringing new cards, brought new mechanics and even the return of old ones, check out these mechanics now!

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With the first set of 2024, Murders at Karlov Manor, new 4 Commander decks and cards were released and with them new mechanics involving the theme of mysteries, murders, investigation. Discover the main mechanics now!


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Similar to metamorphosis, the card that has this ability can be cast face down. The card becomes a face-down creature spell, meaning it's colorless, it's a 2/2, and it has no name or creature type. She has safeguard 2 and no other abilities. The card also has no mana cost, which makes its mana value 0; however, to cast it, you must pay the alternative cost of 3.



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When prompted to hide a card, put that card onto the battlefield face down. It will be a 2/2 creature with no color, no name, and no creature type. He has 2 save, but no other abilities. It has no mana cost. In fact, the resulting creature is exactly the same as the face-down creature you get when you cast a creature spell with disguise.


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When prompted to investigate, create a Clue token. A Clue token is a colorless artifact token with "2, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card."


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Creatures that are suspect have menace but can’t block.

Collect Evidence

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Whenever Collect Evidence is requested, exile a number of cards from your graveyard with a total mana value equal to or greater than the indicated number. For example, to get clues 6, you can exile a single card with mana value 6 from your graveyard, cards with mana values ​​1, plus 2, plus 2, plus 1. Or even 1, plus 1, plus 2, plus 2, plus 1... The important thing is that any number of cards can be exiled, even additional cards if you wish. If you have the option to get clues but can't cover the full amount, you won't be able to get clues, and you won't be able to exile any cards from your graveyard.

Some spells have optional additional costs for obtaining clues. These spells have alternative or additional effects that occur “if you got clues.” In the case of permanent spells with costs like this, they can have enters the battlefield triggered abilities that trigger only if you got hints. In either case, this means you have chosen to pay the additional cost of obtaining evidence.


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Individual Cases have three abilities each. The top skill is always active. The middle skill, preceded by “to solve”, defines the conditions under which the Case can be solved. At the beginning of your final step, if the Case is not solved and you meet the conditions described in the middle skill, the Case becomes resolved. The condition described must be met as your end step begins and the “to resolve” ability resolves. In Case of the Filched Falcon, if you control three or more artifacts as your end step begins, the “to resolve” ability resolve” will trigger and go on the stack. If you still control three or more artifacts as the ability attempts to resolve, the Case will resolve.

Now that the Case is solved, the middle ability will not trigger again. Additionally, the last ability, preceded by “resolved”, will become active. If that ability is an activated ability, it can now be activated. If it is a triggered ability, it can now be triggered. If it is a static ability, the skill will start working.

Once resolved, the case will remain resolved until you leave the battlefield, even if you change controllers. If a Case leaves the battlefield and then returns, it will be a new Case that returns unsolved and must be solved again.



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In this new collection, the ability received a small update: When the last counter is removed from the suspended card, casting the spell is optional. If you don't caste her, she will remain exiled indefinitely.


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