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MTG: Pro Tour 2025 - Qualifiers and Amazing Promo Cards Announced!

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Check out the main news about Pro Tour 2025 and the new promo art now!

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Pro Tour 2025

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Magic: The Gathering players can look forward to an exciting season in 2024-25 with the recent announcement of Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) and Regional Championships. While qualifying opportunities for the 2024 Pro Tours remain available, the next qualifying season for the 2025 Pro Tours is set to begin in April.

The RCQs for the 2024-25 season will begin on April 13, 2024, extending until July 21. WPN stores and larger event organizers will offer qualifications for the Regional Championships taking place in the fall of this year. Participants can compete in Limited or Pioneer Constructed formats, while larger events, designated as "destination" qualifiers, can feature other Constructed formats. Additionally, participants will be rewarded with exclusive promotional cards, such as the new variation of Springleaf Drum It's from Goblin Guide.


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The Regional Championships for 2025 Pro Tour 1 are scheduled to take place between September 28th and December 1st. The top finishers in these tournaments will earn invitations to the 2024 Pro Tour 1, and the winners of each Regional Championship, as well as the finalists from the US, Canada, EMEA and Japan, will earn spots in the 2025 Magic: The Gathering World Championship.

There is a notable change in Canada for the 2024-25 season where there will only be one Regional Championship per round. Invitations to the region's second Regional Championship have been added as invitations to Regional Championship finalists.

Participants can also expect to receive Secret Lair promotional cards, such as Seasoned Pyromancer, exclusive to the Regional Championships. This card features a unique variation on Pyromancer, transforming your elementals into adorable cats.

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Qualifiers now!

For those looking to qualify for the Pro Tours in 2024, the Pro Tour Outlaws of Thunder Junction Regional Championships are taking place in the coming months, offering last-chance qualifiers. Additionally, RCQs for Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 are ongoing at WPN stores.

Interested players should pay attention to information from regional organizers, which has been updated for the 2024-25 season in the US, EMEA and Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

The Magic: The Gathering season promises to be full of challenges and opportunities for players looking to reach the Pro Tour and long for the chance to compete in the 2025 Magic: The Gathering World Championship.

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