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Pauper EDH Duels: Oubliette is banned!

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Pauper Commander's regulatory committee has banned Oubliette in the 1v1 variant.

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About the PDH Committee, the RC

RC, the Pauper Commander regulatory committee in Canada, which a few years ago called itself the official format committee and is followed by most communities around the world, created in May this year a committee that regulates the Duels variant of the PDH.

As early as possible, the RC committee decided to intervene in the format, banning its first card, the Oubliette enchantment!

Oubliette is Banned

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According to the Canadian committee, the card when played in the duel, without other players to prevent it, this enchantment becomes problematic and ends up making the format uncomfortable and unhealthy.


When Oubliette was released in December 1993, both the players and the producers didn't have the real dimension of the problems that could cause by printing this card as common, and they also had no idea that its text would be used perfectly in Commander — phasing the Commander out, without the option to go back to their zone, as its text didn't have that objective.

However, for the 1v1 variant, it proved to be much more problematic when compared to the multiplayer variant, as it costs only three mana, and there are not as many answers available that have dual use. Having a dead card in your deck when you're not playing against enchantment decks can greatly disrupt the game's development, and that player can lose a game because of it.

Of course we have excellent enchantment removals in the format, especially in green and white, although blue can also satisfactorily counter this Oubliette.

When does the ban take effect?

This banis legal as of September 1st, and doen't affect the multiplayer variant's ban list.

This change will impact mono black decks and especially UB decks, which had Oubliette within their deck, even as x1 decks tend to be more optimized, given a more competitive nature than the version against three or more players.


This card may not be used as much in most decks, but it has its value, and it proved to be very oppressive.

The Canadian RC has decided to make the ban official, making it clear that it is looking at the format as a whole, and will not let other cards that become problematic jeopardize the format.

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