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Pauper EDH: Hightlights from Dominaria United for Pauper Commander

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The return to Dominaria has brought us several new Legendaries to be our Commanders, as well as many other cards to get into the format. I bring here an analysis of the most promising cards.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Magic returns to Dominaria, the game's origin plane, and the set is packed with pieces that are worth far more than testing the format.

There are many new creatures, some that can reduce their cost, new mechanics, the return of good mechanics, among other improvements that we will see here. Finally, I will bring three lists at the end of the article.


In this return to Dominaria, we have four mechanics that we can use in the format: two already known from Magic, and two totally new ones that bring the direct opportunity of a more efficient attack.



Domain is an ability that has been around for some time in Magic, and it has to do with the basic lands the player controls.

It can allow for a deck with a land-oriented strategy, perhaps building a three-color deck, or even a five-color deck. Navigator's Compass is a must on any strategy with Domain.

Among the cards with this ability, the two below stand out:

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Kicker is another keyword that returns, bringing cards that can make good decks to the format. It brings several benefits, allowing a deck with its main strategy in Kicker, regardless of the color or colors chosen.

The kicker consists of paying a value of mana in addition to the CMC, so that some other effect is generated by the card.

The set, in addition to cards to be among the 99, also brought commanders to complete the strategy.

Among the common cards, we see highlights with:

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This card fits very well in strategies that make players discard cards, but it can also be used in Madness.

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Its cost is inside the curve, even with kicker. For only three mana, you will have a creature with good power and still generate sacrifice for the whole table.

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This one goes really well in tokens decks, be it Boros, or even a Mardu Bully. In addition to creating tokens, it also makes creatures have haste, according to its requirements.

Relevant Common Cards

Standard sets, that is, released with the Standard format as their main target, usually don't bring as many common cards that we can consider excellent. But as Pauper Commander is undemanding and also slower than most other formats, some cards that might have been "discarded" after being used in pre-release events can be very useful here.

Below, then, I list the ten interesting cards to be used in different decks, which can replace other cards in your deck and/or also make room for a new build.

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The first interesting card is Academy Wall, pairing well with some Defender creatures from the set. It goes well with tempo and Voltron decks, as it recycles the hand when casting instants and sorceries.

The other comes as a team, as it has a similar version in the other colors, powerful creatures that can reduce their CMC. It will play very well alongside Gurmag Angler, and it has a great point: the Ward mechanic, which came recently to Magic. One of the best walls, which will raise the power level of this creature type.

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This is the white version of those strong drops that reduce their cost, and it still has Vigilance. You can get into a deck with plenty of tokens, and for just one mana. If used with Keldon Strike Team, it enters attacking for a lot of damage along with tokens.

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An extra white removal, doing the same as Journey to Nowhere and a bit more specific than Oblivion Ring.

But regardless of these two mentioned being better, it doesn't mean it's that much worse because removals are very scarce in mono-white decks, making it a great option.


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This card has a very specific function: to give indestructible to a creature of your choice, in addition to a +1/+1 counter, which can fit very well in decks that need the commander to save it from removals.

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Card likely to play in Rakdos or Mardu decks, bringing the discard back to the game.

In addition to playing in decks that make opponents discard, you can play in Reanimate, feeding the graveyard with the right creatures, in addition to possibly fitting in a Madness strategy.

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It's another different land for the format, which adds a colorless mana, filters and when it enters, the player has scry 1.

Ideal for decks with two or more colors, joining other lands of the same style that have been successful in the format, such as Study Hall.

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Certainly, one of the best green cards that can be used in the format, the number of cards the player looks at is quite high, giving room to dig as deep as possible.

It's another creature with defender, showing that the tribe is being well served in this set.

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The third creature with defender that we are mentioning will have an excellent synergy with the flicker mechanic, as it can search for a creature with defender in your deck, and this, if used in the best way, can be a huge headache for opponents.

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These cards that the player can choose from among a few options are amazing, as it will hardly be a dead card in your hand.

Commanders for PDH

For the commanders, I only separated the 5 best creatures that came out, with the potential to build good decks, which somehow may be different from those that already exist. But of course, other creatures can also make good decks if you rely on your imagination.

Aron, Benalia's Ruin

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This legendary creature brings out the best that its colors can offer, with Menace, which in certain game situations, counts as a type of evasion.

In addition, it can be an excellent aristocrat, due to its activated ability, working alongside token creation. He will place several counters, and this must be done quickly, to avoid removals.

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The deck we build relies on token creation, and it does this in abundance, greatly improving the core strategy.

We've also added Souls Sisters package to take advantage of the many creatures that will enter the battlefield every turn. The player should try to be fast and careful, as the deck doesn't offer as many protections.

Tatyova, Steward of Tides

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The deck that we can build with Tatyova can vary from its main strategy, but what is certain is that it should have many ramps, perhaps added to fogs among other control cards.

The lands themselves can serve as finishers. Play with many lands, but beware of sweepers, which can take many of these lands away if they are creatures at the moment.

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This type of ability is entirely new to the format and is very exciting, as it can work in different ways, with Landfall, with many lands— in short, the important thing is to run the deck well and always have your hand full.


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Micromancer is a creature with plenty of potential, so I decided to create a deck focused on counterspells, trying as much as possible to contain the possible combos and the most important threats on the table. It has some finishers, like Ulamog's Crusher, and two vehicles.

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We have in the list some spells to rotate the deck, counters and bounces available for one mana, to have interaction with the commander.

If you wish, you can change the main strategy, control the table by countering what your opponents do. In Duels (1v1) it can be very effective too.

Tura Kennerüd, Skyknight

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A feared Azorius Commander, with evasion, and can make several soldier tokens, having the possibility to explore a strategy focused on answering most opposing spells and recovering these resources, controlling the entire table.

We can adopt flickers as its main gameplan, but we can also avoid following this obvious path.

Ramirez DePietro, Pillager

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This card appears here as an exception, as it's not from the standard set, but from Commander decks, and you can build a great deck with it, using flickers, interactions and removals along with a Pirate tribal. In addition to these points, you can make numerous treasures.

This creature has a high-power level, and is among my favorites for the format. It works great in the Duels variant as well, although it has recently lost an excellent removal, Oubliette (which has been banned), but that doesn't make this strategy less impressive.


The set brought good cards to the format, nothing out of the ordinary, as is the custom of standard sets, but especially as for commanders, we have some exciting news, which can liven up our tables a bit more.

I hope you like the decks I've presented here and make the changes you think are necessary.