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Pauper Commander Review: Unfinity Highlights for PDH

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Unfinity brings some news to Pauper Commander, like never-seen before abilities!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Un-sets, such as Unstable and Unsanctioned, which until then only had the beautiful basic lands as legal in constructed formats, have always been considered just for fun collections.

However, Wizards decided to give its new release, Unfinity, more usefulness, allowing part of the set to be legal in formats such as Pauper, Legacy, Commander, and of course, Pauper Commander. You can see the legal cards herelink outside website.


Unfinity features cards with different keywords from those we usually see, such as some that interact with outside elements, such as consulting websites and extra decks.

We won't question how long these cards will be legal in eternal formats, we'll just analyze among those legal for Pauper Commander those that I consider to be the best options, both for composing the deck and for candidates for commanders.

Common Highlights

The set has a total of 52 legal common cards. Of these cards, those that allow the use of Attraction cards and cards that allow the use of stickers, which have their benefits, in addition to the cards covered with dice rolls, stand out.


Stickers come as a new ability, as we will see in the cards below. Somehow, we will have stickers, as if they were stickers or something like that, and we can stick them on some of our permanents, getting some advantages in the game.

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Cards with this keyword do two different things, place a sticker on a permanent or add tickets to what would be a reserve. We have many cards in the set that benefit from stickers.


Attraction will bring a new game mode, the player will have an extra deck made up of Attraction artifacts, and some spells will make us open these attractions. Each one has an effect that can gain life, generate advantages and other elements that will improve your board.

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Each deck must have a minimum of ten Attractions and can only have one copy of each, so it's not exactly legal in Pauper or Pauper Commander right now because there are only eight of them available as common and without an acorn symbol.

Dice roll

The dice roll is the only one of these standout mechanics in the set that already existed, that is, other sets have already released relevant cards that could form a unique deck, and for Pauper Commander, which is a more free and fun format, ends up rescuing that RPG memory that many of us played or still play.

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See that these cards, as well as others in the set, bring several benefits, advantages to your game, or even disadvantages for your opponents, so it's really worth trying a deck basing your game on this ability.

Other highlights

There's a card that doesn't fit within the new mechanics, but that brings a strong effect to common cards:

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Embiggen has a way of making your creature stronger, according to the characteristics that the card asks for. It can be an excellent finisher.

A good deckbuilder can build a deck aimed at using this card to defeat one or more opponents.


Among the uncommon creatures, we have selected three of them that are legal, and that have two colors so that we can suggest cards with high potential.

Ambassador Blorpityblorpboop

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I consider it the best uncommon in the set, as it allows for a very consistent, potent and strong deck.

You can use the ETB strategy along with the stickers that the commander himself creates.

Roxi, Publicist to the Stars

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Here we can build a Voltron deck, which depends on the will of the player who is playing. It will work with Stickers as well, but you will need to keep an eye on your strategy, as this type of card needs plenty of cantrips, and maybe some features like transmute to speed up Sticker cards.

The Space Family Goblinson

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In this color combination, the commander will allow for a counters deck, along creatures with trample or Dash, ramps, and of course cards that make you roll dice.

It can be an aggressive deck, and it plays well in the Duels variant as well. As with the previous commander, you need to calculate each card type in the deck well, as there are many different cards that can be composed.

Decklist - Ambassador Blorpityblorpboop

I built a deck especially for this article, using cantrips, ramps, sticker cards, some creatures with ETB, flickers, tutors, trying to offer a good deck, so you can build it and start playing right away!

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That's all for today, good games!